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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Pete Doherty entering rehab again.

ROCKER Pete Doherty is going into rehab yet again on Monday. The Babyshambles singer has cancelled his Ibiza Rocks show next week and instead will be having an opiate-suppressing device fitted to stop him taking heroin.
It is the fifth time the on-off boyfriend of super-model Kate Moss has attempted to detox.
Last month Doherty, 27, went to a clinic in Portugal in a bid to get clean.But Portuguese customs officers are thought to have ruined opiate-suppressing supplies, thinking they were drugs. But he is said to be "really determined" to try again.
He looked pale and ill when he met former Libertines bandmate Carl Barat in Camden, North London, but a source said: "Meeting Carl on Tuesday encouraged him to really make a go of it this time."

Daily Mirror

How long do you think he will stay in rehab this time? A day? A week? Until he is sober?

Paris Hilton's album, order now!

Paris Hilton's new album will not be out on August 18th as we all expected. Now we are forced to wait until the 22nd for her lovely music to be broadcast all over the airwaves. How will I kill the time as I wait?

Have you preordered your copy? My ipod is all set and ready for her remake of Do Ya Think I'm Sexy, the remake of Rod Stewart's song. But I'm most excited to hear her song titled, VD n' Me and the party song, Greek Billionaires Are Hot! As you can imagine, the lyrics to those tunes must be heard to be believed.

Love to all,
Distressed Acid Washed Flared Bootleg Low Rise Jeans

Colin gets restraining order

From celebrity nation

Colin Farrell didn't waste any time in seeking legal help after a bizarre incident Thursday where a woman walked onto the stage during his appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Farrell obtained a restraining order that bars Dessarae Bradford from coming within a certain distance of him pending an August 16 court hearing. An audience member described the odd incident, saying, "She said something to Colin Farrell that no one heard, then he took her by the elbow, led her offstage, asked the cameramen to turn off their cameras and asked for security." Farrell's publicist issued a statement saying the woman "has unsuccessfully pursued two fabricated lawsuits" against the Miami Vice actor in the last two years. "Mr. Farrell had never met or spoken to Ms. Bradford until the incident at the Tonight Show."

HSL of the Day!

Maria Conchita Alonso

Birthday Sluts

David Spade (42)
Franka Potente (32)
Rufus Wainwright (33)
Rhys Ifans (38)
John Leguizamo (42)
Rob Estes (43)
Keith Sweat (45)
Willem Dafoe (51)
Albert Brooks (59)
Don Henley (59)
Danny Glover (60)
Alex Trebek (66)
Terence Stamp (67)

Friday, July 21, 2006

More celeb photos for your Friday...

Nicky Hilton will soon open up her own hotel in Miami called Nicky O. She will choose the decor and all that stuff. All by herself!

Bai Ling is so hot, I can't stand it. Do you think thats her natural hair color?

*photo of Lindsay removed by request*

Lohan on set. You think she'd be seen in a van like that otherwise?

Does Gwen ever look bad? No, I don't think so.

Alyssa Milano, leave the braids to Pippi Longstocking please! From the braids down she looks like Tara Reid!

*all photos from Saving Face

Carol Channing is nuts!

by Lahoma00

Below is one of my favorite scenes that has ever appeared on television. It's from the 1985 Alice In Wonderland mini-series, starring such lumanaries as Sheila Allen and Ann Jillian. Carol Channing plays the White Queen and is balls out crazy! Here she is singing "Jam Tomorrow, Jam Yesterday" a song which absolutely makes no sense. The only bummer in this clip is it doesn't have the scene right after, where Carol inexplicably stars shouting "baaaa" and turns into a goat!

Warning: The sound quality is not so great, but it's worth it to see her spazzing out!

A Keanu Reeves' "love bed" for sale

KEANU REEVES LOVE BED This one of a kind bed was used by Keanu Reeves and his longtime girlfriend dozens of times. You always wanted to sleep with Keanu? This may be your best chance! The wooden bed itself was handmade, and is worth in excess of $500 even without its incredible history. Specific details on who the bed belonged to available by request, and a certificate of authenticity will be given to the lucky buyer. As it is quite heavy, it will have to be taken apart and shipped. Local buyers may arrange to have it picked up.

Yes for a starting bid of just $2,000 you can sleep on the same bed that Keanu used to do more than just sleep on. I don't know about you, but that is way too rich for my a$$.
Disclaimer: Bed not pictured.

fergie's hive-like hairdo

oh man - what the hell is that fergie thinking?!? she must have 'things' living up in that hive of hers - josh duhamel be warned! anyways i wanted to thank MK for allowing popbytes to be a guest blogger here on dlisted - i had a total blast bring you guys a few fun pop items! but don't you worry...yr regularly scheduled sassy & sexy blogger will be back on monday - complete with a hot fresh tan! i hope everyone has a great weekend - try to stay cool![Source - JJB]

PS do you all think that beyonce should remake her video? there is even a petition going around demanding a reshoot...it's really not a great video but way better than that jessica simpson pile of crap...

Busting at the seams

Janet Jackson appearance/interview on XM Satellite Radio in Washington



The Sex and the City cast reunion. 20 years later!

Runners Up

turtleneck pants!

Where are they now?
Kid Rock, Mario Lopez, Hillary Swank, and Jesse Metcalf


Random celeb photos

Julianne Moore, good to see celebs don't look gorgeous all the time. Those shorts do nothing for her man legs. And feet.

What kind of underpants would you wear with such a short dress? None!

Ashlee Simpson wearing elf booties and a shirt that reads, "I'm so happy I could just shit!" She makes me so sick, I could just vomit!

HSL of the Day!

Nancy Reagan

Birthday Sluts

Josh Hartnett (28)
Justin Bartha (28)
Ali Landry (33)
Charlotte Gainsbourg (35)
Brandi Chastain (38)
Jon Lovitz (49)
Robin Williams (55)
Cat Stevens (58)
Janet Reno (68)
Kenneth Starr (60)

Madge to adopt a baby...coming soon!

Since Madonna’s eggs have been exercised into nonexistence, she and Guy are planning on adoption! That is so chic right now! Everyone’s doing it!

The Ritchie's have hired an adoption lawyer who worked with the Jolie-Pitt clan so he is quality shit. Madonna and Guy want an orphaned baby and have talked to both British and American agencies. The baby must be good looking and come from a decent background free of any inorganic foods, the child also must respond well to the English countryside and not be opposed to wearing Versace or eating mung beans and naturally his or her name must be easily converted to a Kaballah name.

Guy’s father John says, "I'm sure both Rocco and Lourdes would love it as they are so close and another sibling would be super."

Oye! Think of the work Lourdes will have to go through to get this new kid to learn French, that’s the way she and Rocco communicate around Madonna so she can’t understand what they are saying. It wasn’t too long ago that Madonna was asked what grade Lourdes was in and she shrugged, turned to Lourdes and said, “What grade are you in?”

Celebrity parents, you have to love them! Or desperately make fun of them.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Naomi arrested AGAIN!!

From celebrity nation

Someone needs to strap this girl down and load her up with tranquilizers. Naomi Campbell was arrested again for having another temper tantrum. The not-so-super model arrived at the London home of her ex-boyfriend at 3:30 in the morning to pick up some of her belonging, but when he refused to let her in, she started yelling so loudly that the neighbors called the cops. She was apparently arrested and then "de-arrested" after she'd calmed down.

Nano Nano

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are going to be remaking Mork and Mindy into a feature length film! Everything is in negotiations at the moment. They feel this would be an excellent project to work on together. Steven Spielberg declined to direct this one saying that Tom's gotten too crazy even for him to work with. Tom is looking for an open minded director who will work in exchange for a ride on the mother ship. Yes, that ship is loaded with the latest technology including a device that speaks to L. Ron Hubbard from the home planet. I know, totally sweet!

And yes, Tom will of course have the white Scientology tent set up on location for free donuts and emeter readings. What about little Suri? Well, they have officially hired on Kate's old baby sitter Jessica, to care for the tyke who is now closing in on her first birthday. Oops, have I said too much?

Does Simon Like Your Titties?

You know it's time to go visit Dr. Rey when your silicon turns to play-doh. Paula, is that a golf ball indent on your chest?

Forget Jessica.....I'm going Nicole

Ashlee Simpson at the Victoria's Secret Pink Party

Paris Hilton responds to claims she is "an oversized human condom."

Hey everyone! Tabloid Whore here and I am weeping with joy right now! I have just come across the funniest f'ing thing on TMZ's website. TMZ reporter Harvey Levin (who is now my new hero) does a guerilla style interview when he runs into Paris Hilton and her lawyer Elliot Mintz. Levin proceeds to ask Paris her thoughts about the mean things written about her on TMZ message boards and actually quotes to her some of the messages such as, "Paris is just an oversized human condom," "Paris is like a fart in a mitten. You know it's there, you can't stand it, but you can't get rid of it," and "Would you please drop over dead or commit suicide you damn slut." Yes, he said this to her face and she responds. I am just amazed that he actually did this and although I enjoyed this video tremendously, it's like, WTF Harvey?? Oh this is beautiful. Please watch the video here.
Source: TMZ

Natasha Lyonne: Then and Now

Splash News

OMG! I am glad to see she is no longer at death's door anymore, not even close to it.

Camryn Manheim to eat J. Love

by Lahoma00

Camryn Manheim, who I hate more than anyone on the planet, is set to join the J. Love series Ghost Whisperer this fall. No one will be whispering with this loud bitch around. Love, you better watch out because this ho and her 14 million earrings will try to take over your show by sitting on you!

Now I have to go light a candle for Jordan!

Jordan miscarried

DEVASTATED Jordan has miscarried a baby. The glamour girl, 28, was rushed to a London hospital last Friday with stomach pains. Mum-of-two Jordan was said to have been “over the moon” at being pregnant but had kept it a secret. She is now recovering at her East Sussex home with pop star hubby Peter Andre and kids Junior, one, and Harvey, four. A pal of the couple said: “It’s impossible to describe how upset they both are. “They wanted to keep the whole thing secret and hoped no one would find out.“She was only a few weeks into the pregnancy — but hadn’t had her three-month scan, so told only a handful of people.”Jordan — real name Katie Price — sparked baby rumours three weeks ago after patting her stomach in posh London eatery Hakkasan and saying she wanted six kids.And just two months ago she talked about how much she and 33-year-old Peter wanted another tot.She said: “Pete and me really want another child. We’d love a little girl. I’d have to call her Pink or Princess, because she’d be my princess.”

The Sun (Thanks Jennifer P!)

This is so sad. I had not heard the rumors that she was pregnant, but hopefully she will be pregnant again soon.
Maybe Michael K will be able to bring her flowers when he is back in England before his return to the States.

Fergie quote of the day

"When people are saying you're pregnant every week in the tabloids, you kind of wonder, Do I look fat? It hurts my feelings. I feel like these rumors will make it less special when it actually happens. My poor grandma is calling me every week to congratulate me!"

Feed her please

Did Nicole Richie take that phrase “shop until you drop” too seriously?The super-skinny reality show star reportedly fainted while doing a little retail therapy. Richie — who has admitted that she’s too thin but has denied that she has an eating disorder — collapsed while browsing at Kitson, a chic LA boutique, on July 15, according to Life & Style. “She was looking through a rack of clothes when she suddenly fainted and hit the floor,” an “eyewitness” told the mag. “The staff helped her to a chair and offered her something to eat. She shot back, ‘No!’ and mumbled something about it being ‘so hot.’” Although Richie turned away food, she did accept a glass of water, reports the mag, and after about 20 minutes “was steady enough to leave.” Richie’s rep couldn’t be reached for comment, but a spokeswoman for the store denies the incident.


She turned down food? Nicole has serious problem and needs some help ASAP.




Runners Up

Is it me, or has Clay Aiken gained a few pounds?

Suri's real birthmom after she found out what Tom did to her child.

Obviously Britney took Matt Lauer's advice to make a couple of changes before the Dateline interview.

HSL of the Day!

Jade Goody

Birthday Sluts

Josh Holloway (37)
Simon Rex (32)
Gisele Bundchen (26)
Judy Greer (31)
Chris Cornell (42)
Carlos Santana (59)
Kim Carnes (60)
Diana Rigg (68)

How much is date with Jessica Biel worth?

It's a small price to pay for a date with Esquire magazine's "Sexiest Woman Alive," but the $30,000 bid for lunch with Jessica Biel is going to a worthy cause.
That was the amount raised in an auction to help a Colorado teen who lost her leg and part of her pelvis following a prom-night accident May 13, the Associated Press reports. The girl, Molly Bloom, was run over by a Hummer stretch limousine.
On Tuesday, a man identified only as "John" cast the $30,000 bid. He said he was a senior vice president for an oil and gas company in Denver, the Rocky Mountain News reported.


Price of a new suit for the date - $525
Price of the date - $30,000
Price of bragging to your guy friends that you had a date Esquire's "Sexiest Woman Alive" - Priceless!

Where in the world is Suri Cruise?

Leah says the baby is a good combination of Tom and Katie. Which is funny because Suri isn't Tom's! She was created in a test tube on the Scientology compound...

Finally! Someone gets invited over to the Crazy Cruise's house to see baby Suri. So she does exist? Well, we still have to wonder since the first celebrity visitor to the house is actually a fellow freakologist. Leah Remini saw Suri with her own two eyeballs! Next Jenna Elfman is going to say how cute Suri is or something. I won't believe it until I see Suri in person. And I'm not taking Kirstie Alley's word for it either. Or John Travolta's.

I want the truth about this whole weird scam. You can't handle the truth! Yes I can! Make the voices stop! Xenu, is that you?

People magazine has the full report on Leah's visit. I'll believe Suri is alive and well and real when someone like, well...me, gets invited over for an afternoon of tea and anal probes.

Kate's son -- danger on the playground!

Kate Hudson’s son took a spill in the park yesterday and busted open his bottom lip. Kate, learning the information via her nanny, was furious! What happened was that a bigger child, age nine or so, knocked poor two year old Ryder down on his diapered ass! And Kate was fit to be tied! Bitch was foaming at the mouth! How dare that punk knock down her precious long haired little girl? I mean, boy!? She puts Ryder's hair in a ponytail for God's sake.

Fumes Kate, “… thank God I wasn't there, I would have drop-kicked that kid to like the West Side Highway. I would have been so mad! I would have been like, 'Where are his parents?! He's really into the cowboy thing, so he immediately looked at himself in the mirror and got on his horse and said, 'I'm a real cowboy now!' He took it like a little man."

I think he’s a real Annie Oakley with those flowing locks. Kate, cut that shit OFF! Do I have to beg? Please!!! Just a trim, like four or five inches.

K Fed to Justin: Outta my way bitch!

Kevin Federline, aka Mr. Britney Spears is so obsessed with Justin Timberlake that he combs through newspapers and gossip magazines to read what the singer is up to. He's jealous of Justin's looks, songs, music, popularity and career. Basically he's as obsessed as teenage girl with a Tigerbeat magazine and a crush on Rick Springfield .

Brit helped Kevin meet the head honchos at Jive records, the place where Britney and Justin both have contracts. Now Kev is ready to get into the studio and lay down some tight shit. He's also thinking of changing his last name to Federlake.

"Kevin told a friend that he's going to 'pulverize' Justin on the charts. He says he's got the hottest producers in the business and that he can write killer rhymes — and that all Justin has is a silly falsetto and a bad haircut."

Yeah! Take that, Timberflake! Wait- did he say he could write killer rhymes? Yo yo my name is Kevin, my songs are better than the seven-eleven.. when I rap, my songs sound like crap but daddy's gotta keep making the dough. Yo yo yo! Peace out Fresno, Popozao!

It's a man, baby!

Sometimes I think Jessica is hot. Sometimes I think she looks like Ricky Martin in a blonde wig. And other times she appears to have been carved out of wax. It's a man in drag kind of day in the above photo.

I had the same outfit back in the early 1980's. A most excellent time for fashion. Here is Jessica wearing a getup chosen by her father to display her "assets" as she visits TRL. Velour hotpants... so sexy! Almost as sexy as roller skates and pigtails, meow!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

paris hilton goes inflatable

oh gag me with a fucking spoon! i just posted this to popbytes but i thought this trashy parisite hilton blow-up doll horror was perfect fit for the dlisted crowd! ugh - there are three 'tender' love openings to keep you 'satisfied' all over...i am so very sorry if any of you are eating...the other MK - over & out!

Tori Spelling pregnant?

After months of specualtion Life & Style is reporting that Tori Spelling is indeed about 4 months pregnant.
Shame neither one of her parents will ever see the demon spawn.

Baldwin brotha throws Hummer

Daniel Baldwin is in police custody and could face DUI charges after crashing into a pair of parked cars while driving at about 80 mph through Los Angeles. Weeeee

A police spokesman said Baldwin was spotted weaving through traffic at 80 miles per hour in a silver Thunderbird. He ran a red light before crashing into two cars, including a Hummer which was launched 20 feet by the impact. Police say Baldwin was driving the car, a rental, with a suspended license.


Kevin Goes Shopping For Fitness

Because nothing says "I love you" more than buying the one you care for "the ultimate training machine." But of course I could be wrong. The Bosu balance trainer may just be for K Feezy.

Xtina shows us her boobs again

Ever a classy lady, Christina Aguilera left the hotel in Paris wearing this tres-sophis high-waisted skirt paired with a see-through tanktop and no bra. It looks like her stylist went shopping at Wet Seal and didn't have enough money left over for the sparkly purple boa to cover up those big boobies.

(Image Source)

Michael K on MySpace

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