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Saturday, June 17, 2006

KFed is Such a Tool!

KFed hosted a party at Mansion in Miami last night. He tried to DJ and probably played some of his shitty music. He also tried to look gangsta and shit swigging on Cristal that Britney Spears most likely paid for. Aren't we on a Cristal boycott? What are those idiotic signs he keeps throwing?

Star Jones Getting Her Morning Exercise!

How Do I Flirt With a Chick?

Jake Gyllenhaal looked nervous as he talked to two chicks while lunching in Los Angeles. He's trying to figure out how to talk to women. He's look sort of hot here, but needs a shave. He goes on and off for me. Who am I fooling? I'd still hit that piece.

Guess What?!


Yeah, surprising right?! At least he's wearing pink this time, that kind of softens his look. I say that if you're gonna be arrested for being high as a kite on a flight to Sweden, you might as well look demure and soft.

JUNKIE rocker Pete Doherty was arrested in Sweden last night after being carted off a plane in a “drug-fuelled high”.

The singer, 27, had to be put in a wheelchair trolley and pushed from the plane before being taken into custody.

According to witnesses, Doherty looked “wasted”. It was his second mid-air drug drama in two weeks.

Last night’s disgrace came just hours after Doherty had checked himself out of rehab in Portugal.

A passenger on the flight from Amsterdam to Stockholm said: “As soon as he got on everyone could tell he was clearly on drugs.

“He was with a friend who was nearly in as bad a state. As soon as we took off Doherty began walking around and started arguing with the stewardesses. They told him to sit down and refused to give him any drink.”

Doherty had been due to perform at a music festival in southern Sweden last night.

A Customs police spokesman said: “He is being questioned over drugs.”

I can't even comment anymore. I think Petey gets arrested more times in a week than the number of times I change my undies. Did I just admit that?

[The Sun]

Gaycrest Looks for a New Beard

Hot Slut of the Day!

Faye Resnick

Birthday Sluts

Jason Patric (40)
Venus Williams (26)
Paulina Rubio (33)
Greg Kinnear (43)
Thomas Haden Church (45)
Bobby Farrelly (48)
Joe Piscopo (55)
Barry Manilow (63)

Friday, June 16, 2006

Britney on a Golf Cart

Britney Spears and SPF in Miami Beach on June 8, 2006

A daiquri in one hand and a baby in the other! Ok, a virgin daiquri

Would You Hit This?

Prince at Good Morning America Concert Series in NYC on June 16, 2005

Prince: I would def hit old Prince, but new Jesus-Prince I'm not sure. He looks like he's hung thick though.

Hot Video of the Day!

Those were the days!

[Thx Black Mama]

Look Like a $2 Hooker

Paris Hilton on June 8, 2006

Paris Hilton thinks she's the queen of style and wants to lend some advice to Britney Spears. While on The View, she said:

"I think she could have dressed much cuter... She should have worn a really cute maternity dress and she would have looked beautiful."

I would love to see Paris' idea of a cute maternity dress. Even Britney probably thinks Paris is trash.

[Post Chronicle]

No Namibia for Britney

Earlier, I posted a story that Britney Spears had been in contact with government officials in Namibia about possibly having her baby there. Officials had said that she had shown interest.

However, Brit's reps say there is "no truth" at all to that story.

I guess Britney won't be feeling the love tonight. Sorry, another bad joke. I need a cocktail.


Afternoon Crumbs

I love the ghetto prom [Crunk + Disorderly]

Victoria Silvstedt gets a blow job on a boat [IDLYITW]

Did Jessica Simpson have a nose job too? [Cityrag]

Gwen Stefani and her new family out and about [Hollywood Rag]

Natalie and Gael may be back together [Egotastic!]

Carmen Electra puts down her implants [Hollywood Tuna]

Britney Spears looking absolutely lovely in a bikini...I'm trying to be nice here [Gabsmash]

More of bikini Brit [Just Jared]

Parasite and Blohan's dance off [WWTDD]

Thanks to WEBN in Cincinnati, Jackie and the Bender in Seattle, and W Radio in Colombia for having me on their shows this week!

Click here for a chance to win two free tickets to the Broadway musical The Wedding Singer!

All Over Laura Bush!

Chaos ensued on The View this morning when guest, Sandra Bernard, talked about Laura Bush being heavily medicated. Elizabeth Hasselcrack flipped her lid and that's when it got hot. It was much too much for Joy Behar and she hit the road. Star Jones, surprisingly get her trout lips shut.

If you ask me, Hasselcrack needs to shut her mouth and go back to Survivor island.

Watch the vid!


Do Virgins Carry Around Condoms?

Yesterday, I posted a quote from Hilary Duff stating that she's a virgin in the bagina, but not in the ass. Reader Laura sent me this photo from a couple of months ago of young Hil carrying around a condom in her bag. Interesting...

UPDATE - It's photoshopped!!! Check out TMZ

Panty Creamer of the Day: Christopher Walken

Christopher Walken at the "Click" premiere in L.A. on June 14, 2006

Copying Asshole Simpson

Is Cameron Diaz getting a nose job? She needs it.

Apparently, Cameron was so impressed with Asshole's nose job that she's going to the exact same plastic surgeon. She received a slight bump on her nose from a surfing accident last year and wants to correct it.

Um..while they are at it...can they put her under...for good!

[Page Six]

Namibia is Soooo Right Now!

Britney Spears may be pulling an Angelina Jolie by givinig birth in Namibia, Africa. Brit is currently 6-months pregnant and is due in September.

"Deputy Tourism Minister Leon Jooste confirmed that he received a telephonic enquiry from Spears' office to have her second baby born in Namibia," the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) said Friday. A tourism ministry official told AFP: "Our office received an enquiry from the staff of Britney Spears," but did not elaborate

Aren't there enough elephants in that country? Bad joke.

[Yahoo News] [Thx to all who sent]

A Grown Up Hanson

The youngest Hanson, Zac Hanson, married his longtime girlfriend on June 3rd in Atlanta. Zac, age 20, and Kate Tucker,22, are seen here all happy and shit. Damn, he looks so much hotter now. Is he like super religious or something? He has Jesus face.

Being a Wreck at 59

The Rolling Stones are facing another setback. They had to reschedule tons of dates on earlier in their current tour, because Keith Richards' fell out of a tree and had to get brain surgery. Guitarist, Ronnie Wood, has just checked himself into a London rehab facility to battle his booze issues. This will be his second time in two years trying to kick the bad habit.

A rep for the band assures us that the tour will resume as normal on July 11th in Milan.

Why get help now? He's like 99, he's gonna go pretty soon. You might as well go with a little scotch in your belly. Just kidding, you're never too old for help or cheese.

[Page Six]

Biker Shorts?

Blohan at the Armani Exchange & Nylon summer event in NYC on June 15, 2006

Please tell me Lindsay Blohan is not trying to bring back biker shorts. Some things should be kept in their decade. Like afro wigs, hyper-color, and surf pants. Actually, I take that back hyper-color was pretty awesome!

More Like the Most Crazy Star

Forbes Magazine has released their Celebrity 100 Power List and Crazy Cruise tops the chart. The list ranks stars from showbiz and sports according to earnings and media attention. Tom was ranked #10 last year and rose to the top, because of his couch-jumping antics and his $67 million earnings last year alone.

Oprah dropped from #1 to #3 with a staggering $225 million earnings. However, she still wasn't the highest earning bitch on the list. That title went to Steven Spielberg who came in at #6, but brought home $332 million.

Ironically, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston tied for spot #35. Paris Hilton came in at #56 and Nicole Richie at #95.

Falling off the list were Mel Gibson, Julia Roberts, Blohan, and Lance Armstrong.

The Top 10 went something like this:

1. Tom Cruise
2. The Rolling Stones

3. Oprah Winfrey

4. U2

5. Tiger Woods

6. Steven Spielberg

7. Howard Stern

8. 50 Cent

9. The cast of
The Sopranos
The DaVinci Code author Dan Brown


Michael K on MySpace

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