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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Kellie Pickler Sex Tape!

American Idol favorite Kellie Pickler has been under fire lately by bitches claiming she's a fraud! Kellie plays the dumb ho on the show and it's obviously working, because she's still one of the favorites to win in the end. However, as of late several photos of Kellie have surfaced on the internet showing her in a not so "wholesome" way.

A website called Crapville claims to have a clip of a Kellie Pickler sex tape that they are shopping around. The clip shows Kellie involved with a dark-skinned man "most likely latin man" the site says. It certainly looks like Kellie and seriously wouldn't surprise me!

But you be the judge! Click here and I'm warning you! It's EXTREMELY NSFW (if any of you are at work on a Saturday)!

[Best Week Ever]

Britney Not Pregnant Just Fat!

Britney Spears told Atlanta Magazine that she's sick of being called fat and pregnant! Britney was in Atlanta with KFed while he promoted his upcoming album.

She said: "First of all, I'm not pregnant and second of all I'm sick of being called fat! I am a young mother and I just had a baby! It's very hurtful that people love to put me down."

She said that her husband and family love the way she looks.

"My husband loves my body and he has no problem with this! I'm not pregnant, I'm just fat! There's nothing wrong with that and if people have a problem with it they can turn their heads!"

Damn! At least bitch is keeping it real!

[Atlanta Magazine]

Woman Claims Jada Pinkett Smith Affair!

An unidentified New Jersey woman has told The Sun that she's been involved in a hot and passionate love affair with Jada Pinkett Smith for 3 years now. The unnamed 36yo woman claims that she and Jada have been meeting up in several secret locations all over the country.

Jada is married to Will Smith, but the woman claims Jada is all lesbian!

She said: "Jada is a very passionate and caring woman. I believe she's with Will for the children and for her career. She loves her lifestyle and if she came out as a lesbian, it would be all over for her. Her children would be gone and her career. I love Jada more than anything and want to be with her."

The woman is currently unemployed, but met Jada while she was working for a top record producer. The woman said she came forward, because Jada must face the truth:

"It's time Jada come clean. It's 2006 and I know how bad she wants to be honest to the world and stop lying! I am hoping me coming out will inspire her to do the same."

A spokesperson for Jada would not comment on her client's personal life

[Female First]

9 to 5 Sequel is a Go!

Dolly Parton, Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda reunited on Thursday to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of 9 to 5 with a DVD launch. They also had a special announcement to make. They announced that they will start shooting a 9 to 5 sequel in the fall for a 2007 release.

Lily said: "It's been in the works for a while and we're all so happy to reunite and show the world that women in their 60s can still rock out!"

They have recruited Mike Nichols to direct with a screenplay by playwright Paul Rudnick.

The plot takes place 26 years later with Judy, Violet and Doralee reuniting at the funeral of Mr. Hart. At the funeral Judy (Fonda) reveals to the girls that she's taken a job at her daughter's company. She tells that that her daughter is now terrifying her life, because she's such an awful boss! Violet and Doralee agree to help Judy out by getting back at her daughter!

Jane Fond said: "It's going to be a hoot! We've asked Reese Witherspoon to play my daughter! I really hope she takes it! She's a wonderful actress!"

The new title will be 10 to 6, because Dolly said: "People are start working later now! I don't know anybody that starts at 9 anymore!"
Honestly, this is going to be the hottest shit on EARTH! However, I don't want to see Reese in that role. I can't stand her ass!


Hot Slut of the Day!

President George Bush

Birthday Sluts

Method Man (35)
Bijou Phillips (26)
Jane Adams (41)
Barry Sonnenfeld (53)
Ali McGraw (68)
Debbie Reynolds (74)

Friday, March 31, 2006

Liza Minnelli Quote of the Day!

"I'm sick of sex! I don't give a rat's ass! I care about integrity and kindness."

[Thanks Clint]

Diana Ross's Son is Gay, Right?

Evan Ross is Diana Ross's second son and here they are at last night's ATL premiere. I guess he's in that movie. He's kind of hot, but I'm getting totally gay vibes from him. It wouldn't surprise me. At least he's not as creepy as Tracee! Diana totally belongs in Oz, the land not the TV show.

Marilyn Manson's Alice in Wonderland

Below are the first stills from Marilyn Manson's Lewis Carroll picture called Phantasmagoria.

" Victorian England.

A haunted writer in an isolated castle is tormented by sleepless nights and visions of a girl named Alice. He finds himself becoming a symptom of his own invention.

“Now all my nightmares know my name.”

He is Lewis Carroll. Terrified of what waits for him each night. "

It looks kind of hot. I'm into it. Marilyn plays Lewis Carroll and some model ho plays Alice. He wanted Angelina Jolie to play the Red Queen, but of course she's too good for this shit. I have high hopes.

[Twitch] VIA [Goldenfiddle]

"Ahahahaha..You're such a dumb whore!" - Marcia Cross

Give me a break! It's slow today!

Afternoon Crumbs

Carmen Electra shows her pussy on Leno [Hollywood Rag]

Paget Brewster to unrobe for Playboy [Egotastic!]

Kate Moss is a big spender [IDLYITW]

Hooters air goes titty up [Glitterati]

Britney sucked on Will & Grace [People]

Piper Pearbo shows her cold sores [Hollywood Tuna]

Angelina Jolie in springtime [Just Jared]

Oh Gina [FourFour]

Tori Spelling is a white chick [Cityrag]

Lichtenstein's Britney Spears [Gallery of the Absurd]

So Cliche!

Kiki Dunst's latest beau is pretty typical. Anybody could've seen this coming. Kiki has been seen out and about with SNLer Andy Samberg. He's the one that was pretty much hired to fill the void left my Jimmy Fallon. Did Kiki tap that ass too? Anyway, apparently they have been on a couple of dates and it's not that serious yet.

They had sushi and like went to a concert or some shit. Andy's pretty hot, I'd hit it. But since Kiki is now jumping on that, I'll pass.

You know her slimy ass leaves a raunchy scent behind.

What is Vin Diesel Doing at the GayVN Awards?

Vin Diesel is seen her posing with gay porn-star Sebastian Bonnet at the GayVN awards in Los Angeles. I'm sure Vinny has a great response as to why he was there, like:

"Dude, those were all faggots dude?!"

Word on the street is Vin squeals like a pig when taking it up the hinder.

UPDATE: Ok, this pic is a year old and is not from the GayVN but from some other faggy event...a Elton John party. Thanks Frank!


Eva LongWHORIA Wants Michael Douglas

Desperate Housewives piece of trash, Eva LongWHORIA, is soon to be seen with Michael Douglas in the feature film The Sentinel. Looks like she enjoyed working with him so much that she wants him to guest on DH.

The ho said: "He could play my older lover."

Personally, I think Michael Douglas SHOULD be on DH. But I think instead of starring alongside Eva...he should replace her! I mean he probably is much sexier in lingerie than her skanky ass is!


Mary J. Blige Prays for Whitney!

Singer Mary J. Blige is saddened by the fact that Whitney is still a crackhead. Mary responded to pics of Whit's crack hitting the world.

Mary said: "I'm saddened by the whole thing. Whitney is technically the best vocalist in the business." "Whitney will come through. I have every faith that she will make a breakthrough.

"I'm just praying for her now."

Mary is honestly really nice and genuine. I can't say anything bad. I'm just waiting for Mariah Carey's response to all of this. I mean she did work with Whitney. She'll probably say something like:

"One less bitch to worry about"

[Female First]

Don't Eat the Cupcakes Jared!

What's wrong with being hot? I know Jared Leto gained weight to try and win an Oscar for his next movie, but come on. There's nothing wrong with being gorgeous. Is there?! Here's Jared at Canada's MuchMusic yesterday and honestly they shouldn't show him that plate of cupcakes.

Ian McKellen Totally Wants Jake Gyllenhaal

Openly gay actor Ian McKellen has blasted Jake Gyllenhaal for a comment he made on shooting Brokeback Mountain.

Ian said: "I got very upset when one of the actors said it was the most terrifying job he'd ever had because it involved him kissing another man.

"Imagine how rude that is. Suppose I'd said the most appalling thing I ever to do was kiss Helen Mirren!"

Ian's just made because Jakey left his apartment in the morning without saying goodbye. Furthermore, kissing Helen Mirren is the most appalling thing to do.

Just kidding, Lookee! Lookee's one of my bestest friends and ADORES Helen Mirren.


George Clooney VS Gawker

George Clooney may have found a way to destroy Gawker Stalker. GS was introduced a couple of weeks ago and is basically a tool for you to try and find then kill your favorite celeb in NYC. George had his publicist send out an e-mail to various other big-time publicists detailing his plan.

"Flood their Web site with bogus sightings. Get your clients to get 10 friends to text in fake sightings of any number of stars. A couple hundred conflicting sightings and this Web site is worthless. No need to try to create new laws to restrict free speech. Just make them useless. That's the fun of it. And then sit back and enjoy the ride. Thanks, George."

Please this is nothing new. Gawker has always had fake sighting and situations!

I mean here's one sighting that CAN'T be true:

Nicole Kidman going to Dr. Wexler's office at 145 East 32nd street. She looked surprisingly young, despite the fact that she was going to the Botox-doc. Also, tall.

Nicole Kidman on botox?! Yeah right! HA!

[Page Six]

Kimora and Russell Call it a Day!

Kimora Lee Simmon's rep confirmed to People Magazine that she has split with her husband Russell Simmons. An official announcement will be made later today. I reported yesterday that Russell is currently seeing a young model.

The reason for the split is because Russell has finally discovered that Kimora has a penis.


Naomi Will Only Beat You Down with a Crystal Encrusted Blackberry!

Yesterday, Naomi Campbell was arrested for beating down her housekeeper with a phone. Today the entire story is revealed. This happened yesterday morning and it so happened that Naomi was filming a spot for The Oprah Winfrey show. Oprah's camera crew was there, but not Oprah herself. Naomi was looking desperately for a pair of $200 jeans and couldn't find them anywhere. She asked 42yo Ana Scolvino where they were. The problem is Ana works on the upstairs floor of the apartment and the jeans were said to be downstairs. Naomi has a maid for each floor. So of course Ana isn't going to know where they are. That's when Naomi flipped out and threw her crystal encrusted Blackberry at her head leaving a 3inch gash.

The funny thing Naomi was probably wearing the jeans she was looking for.

[The Sun][Thanks MomtheMumsie]

Sharon Stone is 77

In both the print and online editions of the New York Post's review on Basic Instinct II, they referred to Sharon Stone as being 77. She looks kinda old for 77!

[New York Post][Thanks Brian]

The Dlisted Report

Mandy Moore and Robin Williams will headline the romantic comedy License to Wed. The story revolves around a young couple whose wedding plans are interrupted when the pushy minister (Williams) of the bride's family church orders the pair to complete a two-week prenup course. They must pass the class if they want to marry in his church. The groom fails the course and loses the girl but fights to win her back. Shooting begins in May in Los Angeles and Mexico. [Variety]

Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger) will direct Killer Pad. The story revolves around three friends who use money from an insurance claim to move out of their parents' homes. They score a place in the Hollywood Hills and refuse to believe that the house has a dark history. Shooting on the horror-comedy begins next month in Los Angeles. [Variety]

A biopic of late INXS singer Michael Hutchence is currently in the works. Director Nick Egan is at work on the project. The departed INXS frontman and Egan were good pals, with Egan designing the INXS "X" album cover, directed videos for the band, as well as vids for Kylie, Oasis, Bon Jovi, Rancid, and Alanis Morissette and Duran Duran. [Dark Horizons]


The Top 3:

What? I send them $0.12 a day and all I get is a big 'fuck you'?! - fo sho

R. Kelly in disguise. - Mikey

Bam: "Look Jessica here is a few you I found that you could adopt!" - Hmmm

[Thanks Kristi]

Hot Slut of the Day!

William Shatner

Birthday Sluts

Ewan McGregor (35)
Al Gore (58)
Rhea Perlman (58)
Christopher Walken (63)
Richard Chamberlain (72)

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Whose Implants are Fuglier?

Wing is the Voice of a Generation!

Completing our full day of hot non-celebs (Chris Burke & Nornna) is Wing! Wing has the voice an angel and the heart of a saint! She truly is the voice of a generation! Her gorgeous song will take you on journeys to places that you have only dreamed of!

In a nutshell she makes Bai Ling sound like Mariah Carey!

Click here to listen and get ready to be taken away! My personal favorite is "Back in Black"

[Thanks Dr. Jennifer]

Whitney Pregnant and on the Run!

Whitney Houston is dirt broke according to sources. Even worse is that her daughter Bobbi Kristina is not living at home, but with Whit's brother. She has no incoming income and she has huge bills. What about Bobby? Isn't he working.

To make matters worse she's been evicted from a townhome where her name was on the lease.

A local Atlanta lawyer told me yesterday that he recently had housemates Whitney and ‘80s pop star Cherelle (real name Cheryl Week Norton) evicted from the luxury townhouse he’d rented to the latter last fall. Houston’s name was not on the lease, but the landlord says she was living there and has witnesses to back him up.

Now the landlord says he’s about to sue both women for about $17,000 in back rent and about $8,000 in damages for the mess they left behind. That includes carpets and furniture ruined by burn marks and broken windows. The papers will be filed shortly, he tells me.

When the landlord went to speak to Houston about the noise and filth emanating from the townhouse, he told me the singer appeared “disheveled” and her voice was gravelly. On the plus side: “She was very pleasant.”

Houston still owns a beautiful home in suburban Atlanta, but moved in with Cherelle at least temporarily last fall.

Houston and Norton, according to my sources, abandoned the befouled townhouse and moved to the Atlanta neighborhood of Buckhead. She has since returned to her Alpharetta home

To make matters EVEN more worse...Bobby Brown is apparently telling friends that Whitney is pregnant! This is getting too twisted. I don't know what to make of it! This is like a fucking Jackie Collins novel!

[Fox News][Thanks Mary and more!]

Afternoon Crumbs

Brad Pitt's mystery tattoo [Hollywood Rag]

Justin Timberlake can't stand KFed [IDLYITW]

No lesbian love scene in Basic Instinct 2?! [Egotastic!]

Taylor Hicks was hot in HS [Just Jared]

Nicollette Sheridan's ex is pretty bitter [Gabsmash]

Is Katherine McPhee a Scientologist? [Star]

Vanity Fair's latest nude photoshoot [OMG Blog]

Three 6 Mafia and Parasite Hilton hope to make beautiful musical together [Hollywood Tuna]

Matt LeBlanc's Marriage Cancelled!

The National Enquirer is reporting that Matt LeBlanc is filing for divorce from his wife of 3 years Melissa McKnight.

Former Friends star Matt LeBlanc is filing for divorce later today from Melissa, his wife of three years. The National Enquirer has learned exclusively that the couple split up in January, soon after LeBlanc's NBC sitcom Joey was cancelled.

Divorce papers are expected to be filed at Los Angeles Superior Court today.

The couple have a two-year-old daughter, Marina, who suffers from a rare brain disorder, and LeBlanc is stepfather to his wife's two older children from an earlier marriage, Tyler, 13, and Jacquelyn, 10.

LeBlanc, 38, and former model Melissa "Missie" McKnight, 41, were married in a romantic beachfront ceremony in Hawaii on May 3, 2003.

Their daughter, born on February 8, 2004, has a neurological condition, called cortical dysplasia, which can cause seizures

Who really cares right?! Bring on more Naomi beating a bitch down!

[The National Enquirer]

Naomi & The Cops!

Here's a photo of Naomi Campbell getting her ass arrested after beating down her housekeeper at 8am this morning! I reported the story a bit earlier. She's apparently still in the slammer!

Thanks to TMZ for picture!

Beach Love!

Nicole Richie and DJ Am are back on track as they vacation in Mexico together. These pics were taken on Monday and show them all cuddly and shit. I'm glad, maybe he can force her to eat a taquito or something.

Michael K on MySpace

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