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Saturday, March 04, 2006

The Balcony's Back!

It was deja vu when Britney Spears and KFed hit the balcony in Hawaii. Seriously that bitch needs to put a shirt on. He better not be giving Brit shit for being heavy, because by the looks of his gut it looks like he's the one carrying their second child. That being said, I'd still hit it!

Father & Son

Ryan Phillipe and his son go for a little bike ride. You won't see Reese doing this shit, because someone has to pay the bills!


Spike Lee Quote of the Day!

"I dislike Condoleezza Rice more than [President] Bush. The thing about it is that she's gotten a free ride from black people. People say, 'She's so successful' and 'Look at her position as a black woman.' She is a black woman who grew up in Birmingham, Ala., and said that she never experienced a day of racism in her life,"

"Condi, stop smoking that crack! I know you love your Ferragamo shoes, but come on. While people were drowning in New Orleans, she was going up and down Madison Ave. buying Ferragamo shoes. Then she went to see 'Spamalot.'"

Black Don't Crack!

Naomi Campbell once said that she would never have plastic surgery because according to her "black don't crack." Well, so it's no surprise that the uber-bitch is suing the self proclaimed King of Botox for using her name to endorse his products.

Naomi Campbell is suing a so-called "King of Botox" for claiming she endorses him and his products. According to the London Sun, Campbell, 35, has instructed lawyers to start High Court proceedings in London against Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh. The pre-action disclosure involves two articles on the surgeon, published in Hello!, which included photos of Campbell and stated that she's a client. "Our client does not endorse Dr. Sebagh's products," the leggy model's lawyer told the Sun.

Please, this chick is so vain that probably uses botox on her gina.

[Page Six]

A Clay Impersonator?

Both The National Enquirer and Star Magazine ran these photos of Clay Aiken chatting up some gay dudes. The Post Chronicle brings up an interesting new tidbit. Some are saying that the man in the picture is NOT Clay Aiken, but female impersonator Coti Collins who also impersonates Clay Aiken from time to time. Also, others came forward saying that John Paulus (who alleges he had sex with Clay) knows Coti Collins very well.

John Paulus met Mr Collins at the gay club Legends and the two conspired to bring the salacious story to the gay media and tabloids hoping to make a porn movie spoofing American Idol. All was a total fabrication thought up originally by John Paulus to enhance his porn career. Mr Michael Lucas of Lucas Entertainment did not know of the plot.

I could only find this picture of Coti Collins. Who knows whether or not this is true. I mean the whole story could've been fabricated by Clay's camp and so who knows.

Caught Sucking Dick!

A Florida woman who hopes to remain anonymous is suing the company that is trying to release a video featuring Kid Rock, Scott Stapp and herself engaging in several sex acts on a tour bus years ago. The woman says she is facing emotional distress from having her privacy invaded. She is only one of several chicks featured pleasuring the two dudes.

A Florida woman who stars in the Kid Rock-Scott Stapp sex tape has filed a lawsuit against the California company that has recently tried to market the racy video of her 1999 tour bus encounter with the two rock stars. In a complaint filed yesterday in Miami-Dade County Circuit Court, the woman, identified only as "Jane Doe," contends she has suffered emotional distress (and had her, um, privacy invaded) as a result of the attempted sale of the video by World Wide Red Light District. While a federal judge last month halted the video's distribution at the request of Rock (real name: Robert Ritchie), segments of the sex tape have appeared online. According to the complaint, a copy of which you'll find below, "Jane Doe" is "one of four women who participated in the sexual acts, after a romantic interlude" with Stapp. "For all purposes, she is the star of the females," wrote the woman's lawyer, Scott Salomon, who told TSG that his client is a student from Miami. Salomon declined to further identify his client. In addition to naming World Wide and company officer David Joseph in her complaint, the woman is also suing Stapp, former lead singer of Creed. Stapp, pictured above in a still from the sex tape, has recently alleged that the video was stolen from him, a claim that World Wide has denied.

I don't feel for this bitch! Shouldn't she have thought about that while someone was waving a camera in your face while you had a dirty dick in your mouth?

[The Smoking Gun] [Thanks Stacy]

Nick Lachey Plays Around

Since his divorce to Chestica Simpson went public, Nick Lachey has been linked to everyone from some Miss Kentucky bimbo to Cheryl Burke to Alyssa Milano and now to Laguna Beach star Kristin Cavallari. Apparently, Nick introduced her to his mother last week. The two were also seen leaving Koi together last night.

[Page Six]

Hot Slut of the Day!

Hottie from Flavor of Love

Birthday Sluts

Chastity Bono (36)
Brooklyn Beckham (6)
Patsy Kensit (38)
Steven Weber (44)
Patricia Heaton (47)
Catherine O'Hara (51)

Friday, March 03, 2006

Meg Ryan Heart Collagen

Meg Ryan was on Oprah and showed us more of her fugly face. Seriously, I don't think she was ever a beauty but she at least looked natural. Just look at her! She looks like a CGI version of herself! Anyways, she went on Oprah to talk about her grief and shit.

After two years mostly out of the spotlight, Meg Ryan resurfaced on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" on Wednesday, speaking out about her "unhealthy" marriage to Dennis Quaid ("I should have left sooner") and her newly adopted baby girl, Daisy.

The actress dished about her much-publicized involvement with co-star Russell Crowe and split with Quaid in 2001. Although Crowe was cited as the cause of Ryan and Quaid's breakup, the actress denied that was the case.

"It was never about another man," she said. "My and Dennis' relationship just couldn't sustain."

It wasn't another man, but it was another needle! A needle in your mouth. Look at how cute she used to look. Her and Tom Hanks should reteam again for Fugly in Seattle.

[Chicago Tribune]

Who Will be the Winner of Flavor of Love?!

One of the greatest shows in history will have its finale this Sunday on Vh1. This is an extremely emotional and sad time for me. FOL and I have been like best friends. We've done everything together and now it's our time to say goodbye. It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday.
Flava Flav has two lovely dudes to choose from. This is where I'm torn. I really think he belongs with New York, because both of them are equally as disgusting. However, I would also like him to pick Hoopz because then NY will go ballistic. I mean, I can picture her killing someone.

Some of the rumors are that Flav picks Hoopz at which NY tells him in tears that she's pregnant with his baby. That would be hot.

Another rumor is that in the end he chooses New York and they get married and at the wedding her mom stops the nuptials to tell Flav she is a post-op tranny. Super hot, but most likely not going to happen.

Either way the dick falls, I will be there. Now many of you probably don't know what to do since FOL runs against the Oscars this Sunday. Well do not fret, set your DVRs and TiVOS to record the show Sunday at noon. This way you can enjoy it all!

Britney Spears Likes to Eat Around Scat!

Diners at an L.A. restaurant were horrified when Britney Spears son SPF took a dump in his diaper. That wasn't what horrified them. What made them nearly vom was when Britney being the white-trash bitch she is changed his ass in front of everyone!

When a fellow diner complained, the manager said: "It's Britney Spears--what can we do?"

Well, you can rub that baby diarrhea in that chick's face and then kick her to the curb! She probably didn't even wash her hands.

[E! Online] [Thanks Mouse]


I hate to say this, but Fergie actually looks human standing next to the fugliness of Tom Hanks. Seriously, she should haul that man around wherever she goes. He's like good lighting.

Afternoon Crumbs

Britney Spears and George Takei on Will & Grace [Just Jared]

The future of Smurfette [Yeah, I Live in Worcester]

JRM gets GAY in L'Uomo Vogue [A Socialite's Life]

Gary Glitter heads to the slammer [Hollywood Rag]

Hilary Swank and Chad Lowe do it for their pets [IDLYITW]

Tobey Maguire's girl likes her man fat [Glitterati]

Paula Abdul goes nuts at the airport [TMZ]

Don't expect Natalie Portman to go nude [Egotastic!]

Chestica Simpson in W Magazine

Blah...Blah..and Blah! This is concrete evidence that W Magazine will put just about anyone on their cover. I used to think they were kind of picky. Guess not.

Oh and her's an outtake from the shoot!

Paula Abdul is Losing Her Mind!

This is a pretty awful quality video of Paula Abdul on last night's American Idol telling two girls why they are in the bottom. You know sometimes Paula is completely calm and collected and other times she's on crack. I think there was a little mixture of bourbon, vodka, freon and Jesus juice in her Coke cup last night. She was off her fucking rocker. She couldn't stop laughing and she was leaning over in a slump. Check out the video!

And thanks to America for getting rid of that scab Brenna! God, I hated her ass. Here's what she said when she was eliminated:

"I just can't wait to start making some money. So any producers out there please call me so we can make some money."

Sweetie, the only money you're going to be making is in porn!

Speaking of porn...Heather Coxsucker was also let go. Well, you know where her career is headed or should I say her vagina.

[Pics: Rickey]

She'll Still Talking About It?!

It's been like 6 years since Isaac Mizrahi famously groped Scarlett Johansson's breasts at the Golden Globe Awards. She still is mouthing off about it.

"It was definitely in poor taste. I'’d been prepping for two hours with hair and makeup and getting dressed. And the first interview I do, someone who I have never met before fondles me for his own satisfaction."

"“Mostly, I was thinking, '‘Oh, my God. This is happening on live TV'. Like he doesn't know how a dress works. I'’m not mad at him."

"I think he's a guy that's starting his TV career and he's making a bit of an exciting moment for himself. I can'’t be angry at him."

Scarlett honey, maybe if you used this kind of emotion in your acting you'd be nominated this year!


Lisa Marie Punks the Press!

Oh! Lisa Marie Presley sure pulled one over on us! When news of her 50th marriage to musician Michael Lockwood hit, everyone thought that the wedding just happened. In fact the wedding was held back in January in Japan.

Her plastic mom said: "She had her dream, she wanted to see how long she could get away with it and it was great because she got away with it for a month."

Priscilla honey, I think the thing is nobody really cared.

Looking at these pics has even made me more fearful of the Presleys. They are nuts! This looks like a community theater production of The Mikado. And that silly Priscilla forgot to take her Kabuki mask off!


She's Not a Charlotte, She's a Daisy!

Meg Ryan has changed the name of her Chinese baby, because she's not feeling it.

"I already had to change her name. I thought she was Charlotte and she's just not...she's a Daisy."

And you're not a Meg, you're a moron!

[Female First]

Diddy Likes Cheap Hos

Recently Diddy was in Brazil enjoying Carnival when he and his posse decided to jump into a small club in Rio known for their cheap hookers.

A source said: "“The name of the place is ‘Help and the girls there are supposed to be the cheapest prostitutes in the city,"” "

“According to the local press he was annoyed when he saw the photographers and arranged to get in through the garage."

This explains his choice in women!


KFed on Vacation in Hawaii

I guess he's on vacation from vacation? Anyway, Mr. Britney Spears and his wife have gone back to Hawaii after spending Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Who is he calling anyway? Probably his crack dealer by the look of that crack nail. Seriously, how long is that thumb nail?! It's disgusting and I bet you that's how Brit likes to be fingered!

Um...Why Haven't They Left?!

The 60 staff members at Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch in California lost all their health insurance benefits on February 28th. This is just the icing on the cake, because they haven't been paid in nearly 10 weeks.

The 60 or so employees of Michael Jackson who work in California — including his longtime aide Evvy Tavasci and all the people who toil at the Neverland Valley Ranch — lost their health insurance on Feb. 28.

On top of that, yesterday marked the 10th week that the staff went without paychecks. That's right: No one at Neverland has received any money since Dec. 23, 2005.

It's a serious situation. According to my sources, some Neverland staffers "basically maids, cooks, and groundskeepers ,have been applying to local welfare programs for assistance so they can feed their families.

"It's as if they're homeless," says a source familiar with the situation. "And the ironic thing is that there are at least two Rolls-Royces in Jackson's storage facility" "— in nearby Buellton "that could be sold so that the loyal staff can be paid."

There is something fishy going on here. Is Jacko giving them Jesus Juice, because if I haven't been paid for even 2 weeks I'm walking. And seriously you would see those cars on eBay if I was working for his dumb ass!

[Fox News] [Thanks Stacy]

What Did Jordan Do to Her Hair?!?!

WHAT THE HELL IN HARVEY'S NAME IS GOING ON HERE?! Many of you will say she looks better, but now she looks terrible! Bitch is not Pat Benatar and shouldn't try to recreate the look. Oh how I miss the polyester extensions and the wigs made of yarn. Oh Jordan please be sensible and put together your porn star image yet again! She looks like she should drive me to grade school and pack me a turkey sandwich.

Anyway, here's Jordan's newest interview with OK! Magazine and gorgeous pictures of her lovely baby Junior Andre. You know Harvey hates that bitch and will tear his eyes out once he gets older. In the interview Katie Andre/Jordan/Katie Price/Sybil talks about how she won't move to America just yet and how she's still in talks for a role in Casino Royale, the role being veggie girl at the Kraft Services table.

And here's a vintage picture of the ever gorgeous Jordan with a baby Harvey!

[ONTD] [Thanks Colleen]

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