Dlisted: Flavor of Love 2: These Whores Love to Fight

Monday, September 25, 2006

Flavor of Love 2: These Whores Love to Fight

**Note - This is last week's episode, because my cable was out and I'm a lazy bitch. This week's episode is posted above!

It takes a lot of work to look like a cheap tranny and New York gets her shit started early. Dumb whore doesn't realize that you don't have to put on the wig to curl it. You can curl it on the wig head!

The 5 remaining women were told that they had to decide which two should go home. They had to decide as a group.

This looks like "Vote for your favorite prostitute!"

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Not surprisingly enough, Krazy was the first one to get put in the box. Why? Because according to everyone in the house she is a "fake ass bitch." This girl gets called a F.A.B. so many times that she should have it permanently put on her birth certificate.

Stop laughing you lady dude! You got put in the box too. Delishis, Buckeey and Bootz aka Frankenstein and his two henchman decided that New York isn't a good influence on Foofy Foofy's kids. Personally, if New York was my stepmother that would be awesome. She'd teach me how to tuck it properly and hide the adam's apple.

The three women that weren't put in the box, won a date with that. Seriously, why are these chicks in it again? This is like Fear Factor and fear is a factor when kissing Foofy.

Buckeey was the first up and homegirl needed to basically stick her face out the window to try and keep Foofy's lips off of her.

The two went bowling where Buckeey showed us the only position possible with Foofy. This way you don't have to see his fug ass face or body.

Yeah, these white bitches feel her pain. Oooh, Carl's!

Bootz's date consisted of her getting into another bikini. Foofy honestly looks like the magic dragon.

Foofy the magic dragon lived with some whores!

On their pool date, Foofy asked Bootz when they would be able to fuck. She responded with: "When we're married." SHIT! I would've taken it a step further...I would've said:

"Well, I only do reverse necrophilia...meaning that I only let dudes fuck me when I'm a dead body."

Yeah, he would've bought it.

After she dropped that bomb on him...well...this is what happened. Date over!

He probably went to "sword fight" with New York or Delishis.

Speaking of New York....is that a maidenform? Nothing says class, like sitting on a balcony, smoking a ciggie in your fucking maidenform bra. Ok, she's a woman because no respectable tranny would rock that shit.

Back to the matter at hand...Krazy and New York started talking mad shit on the other sluts.

They had a moment and Krazy gave her a hug. New York probably was disgusted because Krazy is such a F.A.B.

"You know after I'm done using her and riding her brain..."

Riding her brain? This whore needs her own fucking wikipedia to decipher what the hell she's trying to say. And when are they going to get new fake flowers? I'm sick of looking at that shit!

Before Delishis' big date with Foofy...New York decided she was going to throw her dick into the situation. He ran her tranny ass upstairs and fought with the big dude.

That's like a tad pole trying to swallow a whale. These two should just get it on.

The fights are all the same...it's a garbled mess of words like "Whore, Slut, Bitch, Step Off, Bitch, Whore, Slut, Get Off"

Can't the writers come up with better shit? They should've hired Hottie, bitch would've glittered up the dialogue.

Buckeey and Bootz were front row and loving it. That shade of green is really ugly.

Can't you feel the chemistry? These two want to do the humpty hump so bad. They just wanna rip off each other's wigs, untuck their dicks and go at it.

Once New York was done was the fight, she skipped away like a 6-year-old sissy boy telling Delishis:

"Did I or did I not just fuck up your date?"

Ok, now that was good dialogue. Joe Esterhas wrote that shit!

This has got to be the lamest date in history. A camel ride through a beach in California? Who honestly comes up with these dates? I've seen fancier dates on Cheaters!

Buckwild is back?!

Such a beautiful creature. I almost didn't believe it when I saw it, but a thing of beauty actually graced my television screen during Flavor of Love. I'm used to seeing truck stop whores and this little angel truly was a glimmer of hope. She's way too good for Foofy.

Delishis used this expensive date to tell Foofy that Krazy is a F.A.B. Blah, blah, blah.... We get it already Delishis! You are jealous, because Krazy is prettier than you and doesn't have those nasty poo poo marks all over her body. Save your angry e-mails. I know bitch was in a terrible accident, but that's not my fault. She should stop being selfish and do things for others, like getting those poo poo marks burned off!

Meanwhile....Buckeey tried to kill Krazy! For what reason...I don't know?! All of a sudden, Buckeey heard Krazy speak her name and bitch went wild.

Unfortunately, she's not doing a pas de foofy...she's doing a pas de kill a bitch.

Maybe, Krazy will actually fall off the balcony and hit her head. At least that will make her somewhat interesting.

She was so close to death! Either that or close to landing in Toastee's stale vomit. You know they don't clean that shit up.

Will Krazy ever learn her lesson? Bitch just almost got murdered and had to fuck with her murderess again?

Take Two!

Dumb stupid bitch. Not only is she a F.A.B, but she's a D.F.A.B - Dumb Fake Ass Bitch!

Once Delishis returned from her romantic date with Foofy...Bootz decided to also start a fight. God, these whores fight as much as I change my undies. Bad example. These whores fight as much as I DON'T change my undies. Yeah that made more sense.

Foofy listened closely to the arguments while sitting next to his homeboy.

This would be a lovely ad for a gay cruise. I'd buy in.

During the bitching and moaning, Foofy made his way to Buckeey and planted a wet one on her.

Buckeey couldn't give a fuck about the kiss, she just wanted to stick one to Krazy.

She has an abnormally small tongue.

Before the elimination ceremony, New York did her magic and told Foofy that Buckeey tried to push Krazy to her whore death.

Who went home? It works everytime!

New York is the man! Literally!!!


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