Dlisted: Flavor of Love 2: Bend Over and Give it to Them

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Flavor of Love 2: Bend Over and Give it to Them

Do not adjust your screens, that is not a chupacabra..it's Buckwild defending her "wigganess" to Like Dat. The fifth chapter in the Flavor of Love series opens with that fat bitch telling Buckwild that she is having trouble believe that she's being real.

Like Dat asked her: "Is that your raisin and the whole nine?" WTF?!! That's like diarrhea talk!

Because real ghetto, black people drink cheap oj out of a plastic container. Look at Krazy, she's such a damn lady!
Buckeey had this to say about Like Dat's bad habits: "Like Dat is from New York and a lot of women that I have met from New York are very very very nasty."

I'll have to agree with her on this. (I will explain this later)

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After that whole thing, the girls are told they are going to host a party for Foofy Foofy's friends. You know what that means, it's time to take off the panties and shake those vag lips. Foofy's friends consisted of a bunch of bitches I didn't know. G-Who? Ying-Yang Who? Three Six Wha?

It don't matter, you know what they came to see!

Some asses up in the air! Haaaay! Now that's a party!

Bootz is such a gracious host that she was serving up some fish and chips!

Damn already, they ate enough! Notice the only one watching is the fug, old one! No wonder Foofy wants some of that!

Ewww, you know she gave him a moustache by the end of that day! Bootz plays like that! These bootz were made for ass clapping.

Poor Nibblz, she's a low-rent Bootz and that's pretty pathetic. She couldn't even get the main guests to watch her jiggle her junk. She had to shake it for one of the entourage. She explains why in her signature lisp:

"The thelebrities at the party are getting lots of lothe and attention from the other girls. So I thake it upon mythelf to make sure their enthourage feelths good too."

She knows the joy of a big belly and he knows the joy of a pastrami sandwich!

Minutes later, this is where Nibblz found herself. Somebody can't hold their sperm!

Like Dat proved that even big girls can be sexy! And how do they do that?! They dive into the pool and make the men think of Shamu at Sea World. That's sexy, yet nostalgic.

Oh, it's not like dat!

The truth of the gross is that Delishis is actually wiping sweat from her.

Meanwhile, some of Foofy's friends questioned Krazy's love for him. They pretty much got the fake-bitch vibe from her and called her on it. They asked if she listened to Foofy's music and like a dumb bitch she said "yes". She was asked to sing for them one of her favorite Foofy songs.

Instead of making something up, because you know all those rap songs sound the same...dumb bitch went and did this.

And Delishis is one smug ho. I can read the words off her tranny eyes.

Ewww, Krazy needs V05.

Foofy made an interesting observation.

Hmnm....you think?! Sherlock Holmes ain't got nothing on you!

After the party, Like Dat continued to question Buckwild's "ghettoness" and called her on it again. Bitch is beating a dead horse. Wouldn't she enjoy eating it, more?

Why is Buckwild Agnes from Moonlighting?

This really bothered Buckwild (the fact that Like Dat doesn't think she's real, not the fact that she's like Agnes) and she started to pack. She cried while doing it and Like Dat begged her to stay.

Buckwild don't cry. You look ugly when you do that. Seriously, just go on being black and talking about how much you like fried chicken and shit.

Is that Bootz or Buckeey? Seriously, I'm not playing!

The real truth came out as to why Like Dat begged Buckwild to stay.

Something is getting Buckwild in there. Seriously, where's Like Dat's other hand? She's making Buckwild's vagina vomit! Sucio!

While Buckwild and Like Dat made some beautiful babies...Bootz declared war on Krazy. Why, because she was bored probably. Hell if I was there, I'd get drunk and fight with a bitch. Why not?

She had to tell Krazy that she was "a fake ass bitch" to her face. Why do you have to use the word bitch, Bootz? That's just degrading and hurtful to women. Why couldn't you just say "fake ass". Is nothing sacred?

And you don't want to mess with Bootz. You saw earlier what her ass cheeks are capable of!

Basically, these two went at it for a while. Krazy doesn't stand a chance. She's a lover not a fighter. I mean, she's a retard not a fighter.

Seriously, Bootz stood there and went off on that bitch. Krazy is a dumb ho.

Look at this picture. All bitch had to do was push homegirl and Bootz would've been on her bootz.

Instead, this weak ho went to sit down and get a good whiff of dirty gina. You know that green terry cloth isn't blocking any kind of stench.

I love you Bootz!!!

Because she's the Queen Bitch of the house, Foofy rewarded her by taking her swimming. How the fuck is this a reward? Other hos got to be wined and dined at KFC and this is what she gets?

She has some big ones! Ewww, Foofy is so disgusting.

Bootz had this to say before she jumped into the pool.

"What am I doing? I'm going to bust my weave!"

And that you did honey!

Look at the bright side, you can use some of Like Dat's pubic hair to make a new one! You know that ho doesn't wax.

Speaking of Like Dat, she tried to step up her game by showing Foofy what could be his.

Foofy was probably excited when he saw Like Dat entering his room in an apron. He thought she was going to cook him up some cheesecake or something!

Nope! Wishful thinking. Instead, she showed him her big girl lingerie!

And then she smothered him to death.

And then she got eliminated. Oh well Darra, now you and Buckwild can mate out in the open!

After Like Dat was shown the door, a special guest arrived.

A Pussycat Doll! No, that's not a PCD member?! Oh, let's try this again.

Janice from the Muppets! No...oh shit.

It was just New York. Ugh, won't this dude ever go away? The sad part is you know she didn't even get paid for this.

I can tell because of that broke weave. Couldn't she of kept her tucked penis out of season 2?

Damn! Delishis was pretending to vom, but she was excited deep down. She can't wait for her and New York to sword fight. I say New York is packing larger.


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