Dlisted: Flavor of Love 2's Toastee Talks With Michael K!!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Flavor of Love 2's Toastee Talks With Michael K!!

Toasteee and I go way back! We here at Dlisted know this ho as Jenesis, but the World now knows her as Toasteee. She is one of the girls battling it out to win the affections of Foofy Foo aka Flavor Flav.

Each week, Toasteee will share with us what really went down with some of the crazy moments on the show. I only got a few minutes with her this week, because homegirl was getting ready to leave for L.A. She's all fancy now and shit!

MK: Toasteee, you are a hot bitch. Let's get right into it. WTF happened with Somethin taking a dump on the floor? I mean that shit (pun intended) was straight-up nasty. She said that she told the producers prior to the ceremony that she needed to take a poo and they denied her request. Give me the lowdown.

Toasteee: The Shit Story. Well... Somethin claims she tried to hold it in because she thought that if she left to go to the bathroom during the elimination ceremony, she'd get cut. I don't remember her asking the producers anything, but I highly doubt that they wouldn't stop filming for a sec so some girl can go shit rather than do it all over the floor. They would stop filming and re-film scenes all the time, to get camera angles right and all. I did not actually see the infamous poop. Supposedly she picked it up with her hands then when she was running upstairs it dropped on the stairs. I was perfectly content not seeing or knowing the consistency of her shit.

MK: Speaking of piles of poo...What is up with Spunkeeey aka Stinkeey. Why was she such a bitch? Also, why the hell didn't she listen to Hottie (from Season 1) and wear a sexy outfit?

Toasteee: Spunkeey is soooo annoying and in my opinion the fakest person on the show
including anyone on season 1 either. As far as her outfit choice, I couldn't understand the wardrobe choices of a lot of the girls that night (for example Wire and Buckwild).

MK: We already know that you don't like Spunkeeey's ass, but who did you like?

Toasteee: At the first episode, I didn't take the time to get to know the girls and I really didn't care to. H-Town actually was really cool.

MK: H-Town of course got into that huge fight at the beginning of the episode with that ghetto chick. What happened there? Also, what would you have named Ghetto chick if she got to stick around for the name ceremony?

Toasteee: Miss "$800 Weave" scared the fuck out of me from the second I saw her. Actually I swear to god I really really think she's a man. She/he/it was giving us all dirty looks from the second we all met. She WANTED to fight, and I'm not at all surprised that happened in the first 5 minutes. I stayed way the hell away from her because H-town is small like me but I think that bitch could and would have seriously killed me. I hope she doesn't read your site because I'm still afraid of her. I don't know what name would be best for her. Her real name is fucked up as it is- Sapphire but pronounced (or maybe even spelled) Safirey. Yeah I am pretty sure it's actually spelled like that. She was probably born "Stephen" though.

MK: Wait, her name was Safirey?!!!! OH DAMN! Why the hell didn't they keep her around?! I seriously hope bitch doesn't read this shit, because then both you and I are in danger. Let's move on. Straight up...are you a drunk? In the first episode they portrayed you to be a major sauce lover.

Toasteee: The first episode we all drank. Of course yeah like I said I cared MUCH more about the open bar than trying to find a bed, make friends, or spend time with Flav. I was definitely drunk as you could tell but I'm not an alcoholic and I'm not like that in every episode. I like to have fun and I always control my liquor. I didn't throw up or start fights. Or shit on the floor ;)

MK: True, but that would've been hot. There seemed to be a lot of talk about sexuality. Why do you think a lot of the girls had problems with you being bi-sexual and some the others also liking the cat?

Toasteee: I honestly don't remember saying I was bisexual. To straighten that up, I'm not. I'm very straight, lol. I think the part you're talking about is when I said in confessional "I don't have a problem being with girls" or something like that. It was taken out of context. I was referring to the fact that the body shot thing with Nibblz (who is very openly bisexual) was all cool with me and I didn't have a problem at all with licking each other to do the shots. A lot of the other girls thought that was gross. It wasn't like she licked my cooch or anything. I kinda think it was ridiculous that some of the girls DID make a big deal saying that was out of line and bisexuality is gross, then the later on they go shake their asses and sleep with any guy who gives them an ounce of attention. Dumb hos ;)

MK: So, I guess you didn't "lick the clit" as Somethin put it?

Toasteee: No!

MK: I know you gotta go bitch, but what can we expect from this season?

Toasteee: Lots to look forward to! I'm quite sure there's no more shitting on the floor, but more fights and high drama, OTHER people getting drunk and taking it way worse than I did, several "jobs" we had to do, hot tubbing, girls throwing themselves all over Flav, and cameos from a lot of different people.

MK: Thanks ho and I'm rooting for you!!!

If you want to learn more about this hot bitch, visit her website. Also, read this interview Toastee gave to the Philly News. If you want to know what went down on the episode read my recap posted this morning!


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