Dlisted: Flavor of Love 2: Agent Bootz is on the Case!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Flavor of Love 2: Agent Bootz is on the Case!

We're only on to episode 3 and bitches are already throwing the jealousy around. Hoopz, I mean Krazy already wants to have Foofy's kids and I don't know why someone would consciously wants fugly ass kids! Anyway, the bitch stayed up with him all night. You know she's tug jobbing him underneath that polyester.

Bitch is showing us below how she rolls.

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Agent Bootz kept her man on tap by watching his ass. Damn, she's so lethal!

In the morning, Krazy spilled the trash to her bff, Delishis. Um...she really needs to tell Delishis that she has flecks of doo doo all over her. Somethin is sitting over there looking mighty guilty!

Six of the girls are taken to Foofy's favorite joint, M&M Soul Food. He told them that they had to run the place and each ho was given a specific job.

Toasteee had no idea what soul food was. I don't know why bitch I'm sure you've had enough soul in your hole!

Bootz and Somethin were ordered to prepared the food and let me say that I am only going to eat KFC from now on, because real chicken is straight up nasty! Furthermore, who in their crazy mind let Somethin's shitty hands handle food?!

I bet you that's what Somethin's dump looked like all over the floor.

Buckwild is truly a my dawg. Bitch can hang like that. She was told to wait tables and that's what homegirl does back in Upland, so she went right to it. She even sang a Happy Birfday song to a customer. Seriously, you know this shit is better than KFed's single. It goes a little something like this>

"Happy Birthday to my girl Linda! She up in the soul food hinda! She getting down with the town...I wish you a Happy Birthday right right now!"

I'm not sure what "hinda" means...but I don't think ho knows what it means either.

The customers seemed to like it too...they even gave their two cents:
"Don't quit your day job!"

Awwww....don't make fun of the wigga! It's hard out there for a wigga!

This zone is for the unloading of passengers only. DAMN!!!!!! That looks like two squirrels fighting under a blanket, but it's really Delishis. Girlfriend has two asses! I hope she doesn't even have those nasty doo doo marks all over her ass too.

This lady was even salivating over that junk in the trunk.

"That is just way too much ass for one person. We could all use that much ass at this table."

You know her friend is like "Um...speak for yourself you damn dyke! I want some fried chicken and waffles not fucking ass! Sick fuck!"

Somethin was having a hard time and was the only girl to get fired. She claimed she couldn't read the orders Buckwild had taken, but the truth was bitch just couldn't read. Hooked on Phonics baby!

Bootz won the challenge and I'm not sure this is a prize. Eeek. Shit if that is the prize, I'd throw that shit each time.

Toasteee wants a piece. She's looking at him like she's Bugs Bunny and he's a carrot! Doesn't she kind of look like Bugs Bunny in drag?

There goes that dumb bitch Krazy trying to get all into his shit already. Damn! Take it slow. Go braid your hair some more so you look more "street". I can't stand that ho and even her own earrings can't stand her! They are trying to get away.

After Foofy turns her down, the bitch goes to cry to Tiger. Tiger uses this time to talk about herself. Probably because none of the other girls want to talk to her annoying ass. Guess who is around the corner listening to Tiger talk about how she's not into Foofy?

Agent Bootz is on the case! That ho is like a roach! She's everywhere! She did make a hot comment about Tiger:

"She's a thirsty bitch and I"m done!"

Damn, that's cold at least give her a glass of ice water. You know the bitch is thirsty and you're not helping her out! I don't think Foofy Foo wants a girl like that.

Foofy told Krazy that he was too tired, but really he just wanted to rub Delishis's doo doo marks all over him. Do two sets of doo doo marks make a right?

Krazy needs to chill, this is not I Wanna Be a Soap Star!

The next challenge involved the other 6 girls that didn't compete in the restaurant challenge. They were ordered to clean the house of Warren G, because he had such a "crazy and wild" party (meaning Vh1 interns spent the day throwing shit around a rented house to make it look like a crazy party) the night before. Shit even Warren looks surprised after hearing he had a party. I mean does he have anymore friends?

Somethin Like Dat could pick up trash right next to Boy George! She's a pro!

Nibblz and her nipplz won the challenge, because she wasn't afraid of cleaning up diarrhea in the bathroom.

Meanwhile, Somethin overheard Agent Bootz talking shit about her taking a shit. We're still on that?! I wouldn't mess with Poor Unfortunate Souls she could swallow that midget whole and then poo poo her out all over the faux marble foyer.

Buckwild sat there laughing the whole time. That bitch is just like me! We love to talk shit, but don't want to get involved.
"Bootz likes to stir things up. I love to watch her ass yell at people. She be like I will shake my motherfucking ass when I want to shake my fucking ass. That's Bootz!"

Bootz really should trademark that tagline as her life motto. That's poetry.

After her argument with Bootz, Somethin proceeds to do some kind of tribal fighting dance at the other girls while chanting "I bet you can't do it like me bitch WHAT bet you can't do it like this."

This ho is so well known for her loose bowels that they have to keep toilet paper in all areas of the house at ALL times. That poor ficus doesn't want tp all over him, but it's got to be done if Somethin is around.

Nibblz got a romantic dinner with Foofy as a prize. More importantly I think we've found our Hottie of the season. WTF is this ho wearing?! Does she get her styling tips from Catra?!

Sidenote: Are Bootz and Buckeey the same bitch? No seriously. I can't tell them a part. Maybe the producers couldn't either and they gave Buckeey a nasty fake rose to always wear.

While Nibblz was trying her best to act like she was into Foofy....the other girls played the truth or dare game. Payshintz had to say what she thought about everyone and she said she didn't like Bootz cause she was loud and well....here's what Bootz replied with:

Wait, so is she trying to say that Payshintz only likes Asian WITH small dicks or Payshintz likes Asians because they have small dicks. I'm confused.

Payshintz got wasted and confided in Nibblz in what turned out to be a Clockwork Orange moment. The entire conversation was conducted in Chinese, but Nibblz only knew how to say "egg roll" in Chinese.

Oh and by "they're really all" she meant Bootz.

And for those of you that don't watch the show, Nibblz has a lisp working overtime. So she says "Chinese" like "Thinese". I like her just for that reason, because people with lisps rule. Well, they really just sound retarded and retarded people rule.

That night, Agent Bootz takes a note from Toasteee last weeks and rats out Tiger, Somethin and Payshintz.

Foofy listens to her and lets Somethin and Tiger go. Foofy just couldn't get over the fact that Somethin deficated all over his floor. Ok, another side note: I am seriously trying to use different ways to say shitting on the floor! Damn, this is for real.

Oh and her real name is Tykeisha, but you know everyone in her hood is now calling her Tyshitsa.

I don't like when we learn their real names. I mean it's like looking at someone that wears glasses, not wearing them for the first time. It's just not right. I don't want to know their real names! That's a violation. Especially since Tiger's real name is Britney. That just makes so much sense...not really...but it made sense to say that.

Payshintz kept her promise that she made earlier and exited the show. Even though Foofy gave her a clock, she turned it down and took her ass back to Hong Kong.

Toasteee was perplexed by this, but you know inside she was thinking "Does this mean I get her glass of champagne?"

Bootz has been called a whore more times in this episode than any other girls. This is a feat in itself!

Next week is going to be the HOTTEST shit ever. Here's a taste:

Nibblz on Toasteee to Foofy:
"I think there's something you should know. She's an adult model and a porn star."

HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just shat on the floor ala Somethin!


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