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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Michael K thanks all of you!!!!

Yesterday was a bad day for me, but mostly I was feeling sorry for myself. I'm over it, but I couldn't have gotten the stick out of my ass if it wasn't for you guys. You seriously melted away my ice-cold heart! I almost felt, what do people call it..emotion! So thanks for that and I know you got my back. I got yours! So enough of that sappy shit, let's bash Pete Doherty! Because whenever you're down, just think of Doherty! And you'll feel better trust me! He looks like he should be carrying a bag of cookies!

Alicia Douvall loves to touch her noni!

Alicia Douvall is the hottest woman on that planet! Not only is she 100% plastic, but she has zero brain cells and loves to touch her privates! If you don't know who she is...let me give it to you quick. She's my newest obsession and she's a low-rent Jordan. She's UK's answer to Tara Reid. And here she is showing her best assets! Try not to get too horny or nauseas...

[Thanks to Kristi]

Click here to see in all her glory!

Bond, Gay Bond

Here are pics of our newest James Bond all nekkid and shit! Package ain't so bad. I'd hit that.

[Thanks to ffleur]

Click here to see that bitch's dick!

What is he getting ready to do?

Brit Brit goes to Malibu, y'all!

Do they have Red Lobster in Malibu? Cause, Brit Brit and Kfed went out to lunch! Brit didn't look so bad, actually. Did she have a tummy tuck? I wanted bitch to look to' up, but she didn't. Kfed is still greasy as ever, but I'd still hit that. That camisole is hella ugly though.

You know it's almost Halloween when...

....Jacko creeps out of his lair! Jacko and clan made their way into Harrod's department store in London the other day. I don't know who's a bigger boner kill...him or Boy George? Either way it's bad. Is that his daughter? I feel sorry for that girl! What do you think he bought? Underoos probably.

Is anyone actually going to see this shit?

David Katzenburg is getting double vagina!

Mary-Kate Olsen
was dating David Katzenburg last year, but they broke up. Then recently he was seen with Nicky Hilton. But a few nights ago, MK and David were seen back together totally making out. That's right MK get your man back! Has Nicky been heard from yet? You know MK is probably a total fatal-attraction bitch and will kill any pussy that touches her man! Please MK show your wrath on Parasite Hilton!

[Page Six]

What the hell kind of GD outfit is that?!

What the fuck is Kirstie Alley wearing? You know what though? Her thighs look like a scoop of delicious orange sherbert! Yum!


Drew & her lisp do Missoni

Drew Barrymore has joined the celebrity-hawking-products bandwagon and has signed to be the new face of Missoni. Drew is currently in Spain shooting their newest ad campaign. The last time Drew was featured in an ad campaign, she was trying so hard to be Marilyn Monroe for Guess.

[Oh No They Didn't]

Sienna Miller tries to flip off the paparazzi!

Sienna Miller and pals got so sick of the paparazzi that they threw a little tantrum! Sienna's hair looks so fucking greasy. Girl needs some mint shampoo. That might be jizz though, since she's such a slut! Love the shoes though, totally hooker chic!

Oh Sienna you poor thing, it's the middle finger!


Two dead fish kissing!

J.Lo, her weave and her husband shared an awkward kissed as they performed in the Dominican Republic. Damn, I wish I could hear them sing again. Remember their fucking performance at the Grammys? That shit was so GD awful. It was like two squirrels fighting for a piece of dead pigeon! And why does Marc always look so fucking greasy?!

Daniel Craig AS James Bond

I'm convinced!


Everyone who has banged Paris Hilton that didnt get an STD raise your hand! - ellaoy

Hot Slut of the Day!

Velvet McIntyre

Birthday Sluts

Eric Benet (35)
Vanessa Marcil (36)
Dominic West (36)
Todd Solondz (46)
Emeril Lagasse (46)
Tanya Roberts (50)
Tito Jackson (52)
Penny Marshall (63)
Linda Lavin (68)

Friday, October 14, 2005

We love Michael K!

Bitches, let's show Michael K some love today! He's having a shitty day!

I'll start: Michael K, you are the hottest bitch around! You're a fucking career woman like Sue Ellen in Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead!

Shiny Happy People Holding Coffee!

Michael Stipe...Michael Stipe....I don't even know what to say. From the sperm-lookin boots to the cup of coffee...Dayum...

I'd still hit it!

[Go Fug Yourself]

It's no secret...

...that I'm down in the dumps today. But seeing this picture of that hot piece of ass, Jordan, made me feel so much better. If you really love me, you'll buy me a Jordan for Xmas. And make sure that bitch comes with Harvey! I love Harvey even more!

[Hollywood Tuna] [Thanks to Courtney]

MK Olsen leaving NYU!

Probably to become a crack-ho slut!

Sorry, I'm totally bitter today.

Her publitch said this: "Mary-Kate Olsen has not dropped out, she has simply taken an approved leave of absence to devote more of her time and energy to her business,"

Yeah the business being selling her pussy!

Sorry, there I go being bitter again! I need a drink! Wash your hair bitch!

[Yahoo News]

Guess the Celebrity?

UPDATE - Sorry for the delay! Click here and here to see the owner of this hand!

Congrats to Kristi for being the first to get it right!

Who are these paparazzi fighting over?


Sorry for the lack of updates today! I'll make it up to you one day when you're older!

Xtina or a drag queen?

Hmm...not sure. But I think I see a bulge!


Mischa & Cisco are the new Brit & Kfed!

Mischa Barton has demanded more money for her work on Fox's The O.C. Mischa feels that she is the biggest star on the show so her salary should reflect this. Mischa is demanding a raise somewhere in the six-figure region per episode. The real reason may be due to Mischa's new boyfriend, musician Cisco Adler. Apparently he's broke and Mischa has to pay for all of their dates!

And she probably has to pay for his weave as well! Dayum girl, I hope you're getting good dick outta this. Probably not, but let's hope!

Did you know Cisco was engaged to Kimberly Stewart at some point? Mischa's vagina has probably fallen off due to the acid Cisco's dick carries from Kimbo's hole!

[Page Six]

So the truth comes out!

The reason Boy George called 911 the day he was arrested for drug possession was because he believed someone was robbing his ass. And who was that someone? Why, it was your friendly neighborhood hustler!

George threatened to call the police when the hustler he hired demanded all the cash in his NYC apartment.

"George said no and that he was going to call the police," says a source. "The prostitute said, 'Go ahead and you'll go to jail.' So George freaked out because he was high, called the police, the prostitute left, and George got arrested."

The only other person in the apartment was Kyoko Nagami, a model friend who turned on George when the cops arrived and showed them where more coke was.

George should be praising Jesus. This is the most press he's gotten in a long time. I don't even want to THINK about Boy George having sex. It would probably look a lot like the Tom Sizemore sex tape!

[Page Six]

Is this love?

She's totally too busy thinking about Salma Hayek's beautiful, bountiful breasts!

Daniel Craig is Bond, James Bond!

As it was speculated, Daniel Craig will be the next James Bond and the first blonde. The announcement was made today in London after the 37yo actor was swept in by English Marines on the River Thames.

Daniel told reporters: "I'm kind of speechless at the moment."

Now the most important question is...who's going to be a Bond girl?

My money's on Liza Minelli!

[Yahoo News]


You were supposed to color the greys first, then style, Sunisha! - Bagpipe Betty

Hot Slut of the Day!


Birthday Sluts

Usher (27)
Steve Coogan (40)
Lori Petty (42)
Isaac Mizrahi (44)
Roger Moore (78)

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Xtina shoots a Pepsi commercial!

Hmm...what do you think the concept of this commercial is? Sluts on the beach? Vegas sluts on the beach!? Bleach-blonde sluts in Rio!?

[Oh No They Didn't]

Ryan Phillip is a total DILF!

But once again, I'm so fucking sick of that sideways cap shit! It just looks dumb. And don't worry that tat isn't real. I think it's for some movie-of-the-week he's in or whatever he does for a living. Who cares when you look like that?! I heard he smells like scat!


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