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Friday, July 22, 2005

Weekend Lovin'

Here's a picture of our favorite bottle blonde, Anna Nicole Smith at a wedding at The Hard Rock Hotel Seminole. She looks hot, but she's still trash.

I'm going away to the beach this weekend, so I won't be posting. See you bitches on Monday! Have a hot weekend. I leave you with some Debbie Harry!

Debbie Harry "Rush Rush"

Miss Piggy's Nip Slip


Idina Menzel can't hold her water!

A source has told me that Broadway star Idina Menzel can't hold her vagina! During her Broadway run of Wicked, Idina's dresser had to wait in the wings with kleenex in her hand. Why? Because during Idina's big number Defying Gravity she would occasionally pop her tampon right out of her vagina while hitting her high notes! So she would have to hand her dirty tampon to her dresser! That fleabag!!!

And during filming of the movie Rent, Idina would piss in her panties all the time! My source tells me that if someone made a joke, Idina would laugh so hard and have to squat down right there and relieve herself in her panties! She would then run to her trailer to change em.

Idina is married to Kevin Hill star Taye Diggs. I wonder if she pisses while he's fucking her?


This Pic is AMAZING....and 100% real! It's Tyra Banks at a q&a for her new talk show. Bitch was probably passing some gas.

Sit on my face!

Who the fuck has their picture painted onto a fucking chair? Ben Affleck does! When I first saw this pic, I figured it was some crazy fan that really wanted to sit on his face. However, this children's chair was seen being moved out of Ben's own house. A children's chair?!? Please someone explain to me why you would paint your face on a children's chair?

Now, that's some Jacko territory we're moving into!

[Sky Showbiz]

Wrong on so many different levels...

Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx are currently shooting Miami Vice. Colin looks like he put on some poundage and also he's sporting a so not-cute mullett. That's just not hot, I don't care how you dish it, serve it, whatever..it ain't hot and it never will be!

Who the hell buys JLo's perfumes?

CZJ channels Marilyn!

What the fuck is Catherine Zeta-Jones wearing that blonde wig for? Does anybody know? At least I hope that's a wig.


Marie Osmond was HOT in the 80s

Now she's just a fucking mess. But that hair, that outfit, that look...everything is hot!

Thanks to Karen as usual!

Leto in NYC yesterday!

Check out the package. Is it big like bitches are saying? I know there are some sluts that read this shit. So I need some expert slut opinions, here!

R.I.P. Michael from Big Brother

It's Punky Brewster peggo, drinking an OJ!

Where the fuck is Cherry? Remember that episode of Punky Brewester when that stupid bitch Cherry hid in the fucking refrigerator during hide & seek and almost died. What a dumb bitch!

T.G.I.F !!!


Askanky showed up to court with a fucked up weave and a nasty suit from JcPenney! Girl is channeling Lil' Kim in this ensemble.

Sienna is all smiles!

Sienna Miller returned to performances in As You Like It in London without her engagement ring. However, Sienna was smiley and looked happy. Sienna, get over that bitch! He's tainted dick!

Janelle is a Wanted Woman!

Big Brother
contestant Janelle used to be a woman on the run! Days before she was due to turn herself into the Big Brother house, Janelle had to take care of a little legal matter. You see, there was a warrant for her arrest after she failed to appear in court for taking shit from Macy's. But Janelle showed up was ordered to pay $982 and ordered to stay at least 100 yards from the store.

Janelle was also arrested in 2000 in MN for drunk driving.

Fuck, she's a mess. And here I thought she was this sweet, little thing!

[Smoking Gun]

Courtney is a wreck!

Courtney Love
was rushed to the hospital early Thursday morning after she fainted at a party at the Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles. Court was released later that day.

She said: "I don't quite know what happened It was very hot I had two Diet Cokes I started feeling really woozy I decided to go to the private cabana that they'd given me to use I must have fainted .

"A friend called an ambulance, and I woke up in hospital on a breathing machine They didn't keep me there long" .

Court assures us it wasn’t due to drugs. I’m not sure what to believe anymore! I really felt that the bitch was off drugs. Maybe she fainted, because she looked at her haggard ass in the mirror finally!

[Female First]

Bacon Bits

Kevin Bacon
and his wife Kyra Sedgwick recently added a dog to their family, but Kevin has become paranoid that the dog will bite his nuts off! Kevin finds that Pauly’s love for chew toys is a bit concerning.

Kyra said: Sedgwick says, "(Pauly) loves to catch frisbees and catch balls and he loves rubber chew toys. And Kev, knowing this, whenever he's walking around naked, always says, 'This is not a rubber chew toy,' for fear that the dog might get confused.

"I've always thought, 'Honey, what is it with boys and that?' They think everyone wants it!

"I thought he was unduly paranoid about it and then one day he was playing with the dog - thankfully he had on a bathing suit - and at one point the dog put his head in his lap and I heard Kev scream and say, 'That is not a rubber chew toy!' I guess he got a little confused."

I can feel his pain, it’s just weird being naked around a dog period! You feel like they are staring at you with disgust or lust. One of those and it’s just creepy!

[Contact Music]


Psycho Chick: Lindsay, please please dye your hair back to deep tomato red like this sweater I am wearing! I am speaking on behalf of the Herbie Fan Gurls and we will follow you around until you ditch the blonde do! Don't you recognise me? I am your biggest fan. See my bracelet? Its made from all your baby teeth...I won them on E-bay! I care about you!

Lindsay (interior to herself): Just looking at this bitch is appetite suppressant enough and beyond that her breath smells like corn dogs. Just gotta play it cool til my security team rolls up. Plus I told my dad if he wanted to tag along tonight cuz we're trying to work things out, he should lay low and blend into the walls. Didn't know he take the wallpaper motif so literally...gah...where is my dealer??! This sucks. - Orchide

The Dlisted Report

Mel Gibson will go action in his next feature which he plans to direct. He will begin production on Apocalypto this October in Mexico to be released next year. [Variety]
Guy Pearce will play famed magician Harry Houdini in Death Defying Acts for director Gillian Armstrong. Rachel Weisz is in talks to play Houdini's mistress. Shooting will begin next year. [Variety]

Natasha Hendstridge has joined the cast of the upcoming ABC drama Commander-In-Chief starring Geena Davis and Donald Sutherland. Natasha will play assistant to Donald's character. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Rumor has it that the list for the next James Bond has been whittled down to four actors. And the actors are now being asked to do a screen test on their love making skills. Stand-In Bond girls have been hired to perform a scene from From Russia With Love with each candidate. [Dark Horizons]

R.I.P. Maurizio from Kept

Hot Slut of the Day!

Melissa Sue Anderson

Thanks to Jadair for the hot suggestion!

Birthday Sluts

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Rhys Ifans (37)
David Spade (41)
John Leguizamo (41)
Rob Estes (42)
Keith Sweat (44)
Albert Brooks (58)
Don Henley (58)
Danny Glover (59)
Terence Stamp (66)

Thursday, July 21, 2005

What a tangled web...

A hot source e-mailed me something that we've been speculating. Apparently, Jude Law cheated with Daisy the Nanny (above left in pink) while he was still married to Sadie. When Sadie found out she fired Daisy! Then Jude left Sadie for Sienna Miller. My source said Sadie is crazy in the brains and hates Sienna with a passion, so she hired Daisy back knowing for a fact that Jude would sleep with Sienna again. When her children found Daisy in bed with Jude back in March, Sadie fired her yet again! Because, I guess Sadie had no use for Daisy anymore since the damage was already done.

If all this is true, it would be hot since Sadie went public and said she would be there for Sienna if she needed her. What a bitch!

I really couldn't find any info on how long Daisy worked for Jude and Sadie. Does anybody know?

Who is the skankiest skinny bitch?

The results are in and you bitches are traitors! Paris and I were head to head, but I outskanked her and ran away with 52% of your votes!

Thanks for voting!

I see Alien nipples!

At Hustle & Flow last night...

Bareback Mountain: Hot Cowboy Lovin'

Attack of the Clones!

What the hell kind of GD outfit is that?

Poor Marcia Gay Harden. She's usually dressed so elegant. But she looks like a fucking beatle in that shiny, green shrug. And what's with that little, itty, bitty purse. She totally got that at the Barbie store.


HoHan buys Trident AND Ciggies!

Who is Jack Osbourne's newest girlfriend?

R.I.P. Jeff from The Cut

Our Prayers worked for Zsa Zsa!

Tammy Faye Messner could be one of the nicest woman in the world. On The Surreal Life, she was honestly the most normal and down-to-earth one there. She was completely not judgemental and tried to respect everyone. This is why she needs our prayers, just like Zsa Zsa did!

Tammy Faye's battle with cancer is not over! It has returned for a third time. She said: "I'm not worried, I'm not afraid.By the third time you have cancer, you begin to think about your mortality."

"I thank God, I'm truly one of the lucky ones. There's always people that are worse off than you are, and that's what I look at to give me strength."

[Washington Post

Halle Berry is just like Michael K!

We both have those hideous wire screens for our dogs!


Jessica Simpson so wants it bad!

Here's our favorite Queen of Denial, Jessica Simpson with her personal trainer. Look at the body language. She wants him bad or she just had him, one or the other. His body language totally shows that he's hiding something. OMG I'm a body language expert! Actually not, I just know hungry vagina when I see it! I've seen a lot of straight porn folks!


Popbitch Blind Item

Which pretentious LA white-trash art-house actor/director, and wannabe musician, is
handing out White Supremacist literature and bumper stickers, decoratively designed
in red white and blue, which say, "WORK, IT'S A WHITE THING"?

Vincent Gallo


Sadie: "Bitch, I told you!"

Jude Law's, ex-wife Sadie Frost feels very sorry for the woman that helped to break-up her marriage. Jude cheated on Sadie with Sienna and has now cheated on Sienna with his ex-nanny. What goes around comes around.

Sadie said: "I just want to say publicly that I feel for her. I feel very sorry for her. I think she is young and has a great career ahead of her - but I do feel very sorry for her. "I have all sorts of advice for her but I do not want to go into that publicly. If she phones me I'll have a long chat with her. "I can only give her advice if she asks for it really. Otherwise. I have to stay out of it. This is something they really have to sort out together."

That is very nice of Sadie to say. If it was me, I'd be really ghetto and say "That fucking homewrecking bitch deserved that shit!"

Remember when Sadie played Lucy in Dracula? That bitch was hot!


Karl's Spit not Swallow Technique!

Remember when Karl Lagerfeld was a fat cow and now he's basically another skinny skank. Well, Popbitch is reporting that Karl practices the spitting technique:

Karl Lagerfeld works hard to maintain his super-skinny dieted body. He was spotted at his office recently, sitting at his desk, pulling out a jar of Nutella and spoon from a drawer. Karl then took a huge spoonful, swished it round his mouth for a while... then spat the chocolate spread back into the jar, which he then locked back into the drawer.

Yeah, food is the only thing that Queen spits out!


Diane Lane loves Golden Showers!

While doing press for her new film Must Love Dogs, Diane Lane recalled one of her first dates and how disastrous it truly was.

She said:"I was at a rock concert and it was in Texas. They had these Texas-sized beverages. I didn't go the restroom in time, and the whole amphitheatre (was) pouring into the parking lot. "I said (to my date), 'Look, I still have this container. I think I can go in your car,' which is fine. It was a success story, until I had to pull the leather pants back up - and I knocked it over! "We had the T-shirts from the concert so we (dried it up with those). It was terrible but I was a kid. "My grandmother set me up with him, bless his heart. He was a very nice man... I'm sure the paint peeled off after that Texas beer!"

[Contact Music]


Oprah makes another attempt to get past the Hermes security guard. - Anonymous 2:02pm

The Dlisted Report

Tom Hanks will play a rogue Texas congressman for Aaron Sorkin in Charlie Wilson's War. A director has not been set and shooting is tentatively scheduled for next spring. [Variety]

Annasophia Robb who plays Violet in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory will join Hilary Swank in the horror/thriller The Reaping. [Variety]

Kathleen Turner's Who Afraid of Virginia Woolf will play its last performance on Broadway on September 4th. The play also stars Bill Irwin who won a Tony Award for his work. [Playbill]

R.I.P. Neal from Rock Star: INXS

Hot Slut of the Day!

Erin Gray!

Thanks to Cicelyfairfield for this suggestion!

Birthday Sluts

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Josh Hartnett (27)
Ali Landry (32)
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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Isn't she lovely?

Zahara is gorgeous!!!! Here are the first good pictures of Angie's new daughter taken today in Los Angeles. Angie and family are currently staying at Brad Pitt's Malibu manse.

Help me out here..

What is Goldie Hawn trying to do? Is she trying to fly away? I love the frozen smile on her face. Goldie is showing us that you can look hot at 60! From far away, that is.

Michael K on MySpace

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