Dlisted: 06/19/2005 - 06/26/2005

Saturday, June 25, 2005


"Hey! Hands off! This is my complimentary bottle of Jesus Juice from Michael Jackson's acquittal party at Neverland Ranch!" - Corrine

Dlisted Jukebox

Since it's the weekend, I thought I'd drop one of my favorite weekend songs. Debbie Deb is super hot and I used to drop it like its hot to this song back in the day. Enjoy your Saturday sluts!

Debbie Deb "Lookout Weekend"

Bai Ling is my hero!!!

Why? Because she's such a piece of trash and she's always ready for the paparazzi! Don't you love her beautiful, gold outfit? Where the fuck did she buy this? Probably Hong Kong.

Fashion Tip - I had a friend who hated to say where she got things, because she didn't want people to know. So whenever someone asked "Michelle, where did you get that?" She always fucking said "Hong Kong" even if that bitch got it at Contempo Casuals.


The Eve Sex Tape?

Does TV/Rap star Eve have a sex tape? I didn't think it was her when I first saw it. But after careful examination, I think it is her. Ewww, view at your own risk! It's actually just a small clip.

The Eve Sex Tape

God has answered my prayers!

Vanna White will finally get her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame next year. This is the way things should be. If Ryan Seacrest can get one, why shouldn't this bitch? She's fucking hot as shit and wears the hottest outfits ever. Let's hope that nobody shits on her star!

I Wanna Be Inside Your Cheese

American Idol
winner, Carrie Underwood scored the Number 1 single for her absolute cheese-fest of a song Inside Your Heaven. The single sold 170,000 copies making it the best-selling single of 2005 so far.

This song sucks!!!!


Cruise is mad as hell and he's not going to take it!

was on The Today Show when he crossed paths with the wrath that is Matt Lauer! Actually, Matt just asked a question about his "feud" with Brooke Shields for taking anti-depressants. Cruise responded with "You don't know the history of psychiatry. I do."

And then Matt really fudged it up by asking Tom about Ritalin. "Matt, Matt, you don't even — you're glib," Cruise responded. "You don't even know what Ritalin is. If you start talking about chemical imbalance, you have to evaluate and read the research papers on how they came up with these theories, Matt, OK. That's what I've done."

This bitch is straight-up losing it! Mark my words, he will end up like Michael Jackson in less than 5 years.

P.S. - Did anybody catch this interview?


Hot Slut of the Day!

Cathy Rigby

Birthday Sluts

Jason Lewis (34)
Hunter Foster (36)
Ricky Gervais (44)
Sidney Lumet (81)

Friday, June 24, 2005


P.S. - It's Bjork!

Again, Ya'll did a hot job! But the winner is:

Damn it!! You took to long!! My arm muscles are spasming, and you got some on my papoose!! - Cherry

[Pic Source]

I'm going to make you look!

I'm not into hiding the nudity from you. You gotta see it. What has Pam gotten herself into? Girl, you better run! Pam is here with David LaChapelle (photographer), Richie Rich (designer) and Amanda Lepore (NYC celebrity-tranny). They are celebrating Amanda's new pussy! Actually, it's some party for Virgin airlines. Ok, I'm going to warn you after this pic THERE ARE NUDEY ONES! Don't say I didn't warn you!!!!



Happy Graduation Prince Willy!

Is it just me or is he losing his hair?


R.I.P. Chris S from The Cut

Oooo...you can run..you can hide..

Demi Moore was photographed yesterday trying to hide her bump da bump. Rumors are swirling about Ms. Moore..is she or isn't she? Maybe bitch just had some El Torito and is suffering from a little bloating! Demi, if you are preggers please girl don't name your baby anything like Rumer or Scout. That's not cute.


Timberlake to board the snake!

Justin Timberlake
is in talks to join Samuel L. Jackson & Christina Ricci in Black Snake Moan.

Jackson would play Lazarus Woods, a God-fearing ex-blues musician who is a father figure to a sex-addicted woman played by Ricci. Justin Timberlake is being courted to play Ricci's boyfriend.

Why is Justin trying to break into the movies. Both of his films in the can are in danger of going straight-to-video. I mean, sometimes you just gotta call it a day.


I personally feel that..

Mister Paris must be the worst dressed man, female, alien, whatever of all-time! Who wakes up and is like "Today I'm going to wear orange pants and you know what, I'm going to ask my house painter to remove his sleeveless hoodie so I can wear it!"

"Oh and another thought! I'm going to have Miss Paris wear white, so we can look like the flag of The Marshall Islands. That'd be dope! Viva Greece!"



You all were really fucking hilarious. But the winner is...

"Ay dios mio! Senorita Hatcher, my arm eez getting muy tired from so many horrible hours of umbrella carrying! Por favor senorita, may i pleez rest un momento?"

"You so much as break stride Consuela, and I will have your alien ass deported faster than you can say chicken chalupa."

"Ay dios mio!"

-somewhatdead (but of course)

What the hell kind of Godamned outfits are these?!?

I love some Posh & Becks, but what are they thinking? Are they going to like a theme party? Is he channeling Elton John and she's channeling a vase? I have no idea, what's going on here. I love the implants, though. It adds a touch of class!


Battle of the Network Reality Stars!

Y'all know I love me some reality TV. Well, Bravo has announced Battle of the Network Reality Stars to debut in August. Basically, it pits reality stars against eachother in some kind of tournament. The winner wins something, I'm not sure what. Maybe another 4 minutes of fame? So far here's the rundown of the cast:

Richard Hatch and Susan Hawk (Survivor: Pulau Tiga, Survivor: All-Stars)

Chip and Kim McAllister (The Amazing Race 5)

Charla Faddoul and Mirna Hindoyan (The Amazing Race 5)

Nikki McKibbin and Ryan Starr (American Idol 1)

Will Kirby and Mike "Boogie" Malin (Big Brother 2)

Evan Marriott (Joe Millionaire 1)

Heidi Bressler (The Apprentice 1)

Bradford Cohen (The Apprentice 2)

Coral Smith and Mike "The Miz" Mizanin (The Real World: Back to New York)

Theo Gantt (The Real World: Chicago)

Adam Mesh (Average Joe 1, Average Joe 3: Adam Returns)

Tina "Fabulous" Panas (The Bachelor 3)

Brittany Brower (America's Next Top Model 4)

Matt Kennedy Gould (The Joe Schmo Show 1)

Valerie Penso (Temptation Island)

Duncan Nutter (Showbiz Moms & Dads)

Wendy Pepper (Project Runway)

Rachel Love Frasier (The Swan 1)

I am so fucking excited that Mirna/Schmirna are back on TV! And everybody knows I love me some Brittany from ANTM4. This shit will be hot!


Dog Bling

We all know how much of an animal lover, JLo is. I mean she wears one to almost every event! I guess having every possible kind of product for humans isn't good enough. So JLo has decided she's going to give back to her furry friends and make dog jewelry for them.

An insider said: "Jennifer just got creative and wanted to extend the range of jewels for animals. She has always found it somewhat frustrating that there are limited accessories available for them."

I love that she finds it frustrating. You know what JLo, I find it fucking frustrating that I can't get married legally! And I fucking find it frustrating that there isn't a cure for cancer! JLo find a fucking real cause! Oh who am I fooling, I'm totally going to buy this shit when it comes out.

P.S. - That picture is not of JLo's work.

[source] Thanks to KK for sending me this shit!

Brit to show her nasties?!?

According to Life & Style magazine, Britney is in talks with Vanity Fair to pose nekkid and preggers. Yawn. Hasn't this been done a million times? Britney, do me a favor and do something different. Why don't you pose while giving birth? Yeah, OMG that would be hot. We'll get David LaChapelle to snap while you're in labor. I picture it now, the cover will be of your cooter in all its glory and a baby head poking out! You can have a bag of cheetos in one hand and red bull in the other, y'all!

This is fucking genius, this is edgy! This is what we want to see!


You're joking!

Warner Bros
. and Christopher Nolan are already making plans on the sequel to Batman Begins. And they are in the process of choosing who will play the infamous Joker! Reports have Crispin Glover as a favorite. But there were also some bizarre stories saying that Mark Hamill was in the running. Mark voices the character of The Joker in the animated series.

Paul Bettany has been the latest name drop in the running. Me thinks it will be a while before they actually announce someone. They still have to the write the fucking script!

Katie Holmes will not be returning. Because producers want a stronger actress. Ooooh, snap!


Gail speaks!

Oprah's ladyfriend, Gayle King has spoken out on the issue of Hermes "snubbing" Oprah.

Gayle said: "People were in the store and they were shopping. Oprah was at the door and she was not allowed into the store... It was one of the most humiliating moments of her life." Gayle also said that Oprah feels Hermes apologize was weak, "it implies that nothing offensive happened".

One of the most humiliating moments of her life? What? No bitch, I think this was:

[pic source]


Just Starve It!

Jacko decided to join Hollywood starlets like HoHan & Richie by doing the latest diet! The starve! Apparently, during his trial Jacko starved himself and only drank water. He did this for about a month. Joe Jackson became so worried he hired a personal nutritionist to get Jacko back to eating.

Why is this such a big deal? Starving is the new eating! I bet you that bitch had some kind of "protein."


Hip Hip Hooray!

I made a silent promise to myself to keep yesterday HoHan, Paris Hilton & TomKat free! I think I did it! OMG, now I'm going to reward myself with some chocolate soup!!!

R.I.P. Ricardo from Kept

Good mittens!

Hot Slut of the Day!

Catherine Oxenberg!

Birthday Sluts

Mick Fleetwood (63)
Solange Knowles (19)
Peta Nemcova (26)
Kelly Wigglesworth (28)
Sherry Stringfield (38)
Michele Lee (63)

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Name that song & artist!

Lyric: At night when you turn off all the lights, There’s no place that you can hide


I am at a lost for words!!!


Rachel & Seacrest?

Rachel Hunter & Ryan Seacrest played it up for the cameras the other night after they left Hollywood restaurant Koi. That bitch is a fag!


Jeter & Sheffield in love!

Oh how I love young love!

R.I.P. Rachel & Jonathan from Dancing with the Stars

Miss Fried Chicken if you're nasty!

Damn, Janet Jackson got big. Maybe it's that big sweatshirt, she's wearing. But damn girl, didn't you have like 2 ribs removed so you could be skinny? You went to all that work, just so you could get fat again? Furthermore, wasn't it like a million degrees in L.A. yesterday? Girl, don't be embarrassed! You've got some cushion for the pushin'!


Elizabeth: The Golden Age

Shekhar Kapur
& Cate Blanchett are reteaming for a sequel of their 1998 film Elizabeth. Cate will once again play the Queen.

The film, "Elizabeth: The Golden Age," will detail the Tudor monarch's tempestuous relationship with Raleigh and suggest that Elizabeth was infatuated with the courtier and adventurer. There's ample evidence to suggest that she was jealous of his relationships with other women and he was thrown in the Tower for a time when it emerged that he had seduced one of her ladies in waiting.

Clive Owen looks likely to play the role of Sir Walter Raleigh. Jeremy Irons & Hugh Dancy are also in talks to join the cast. The film is shooting in Lithuania and will continue production till the end of the year.


Brace Yourselves!

The producers of the smash-hit American Idol are in talks with Fox to bring Celebrity Idol to the airwaves. CI is basically like AI, but instead of wannabe singers they will take very well-known celebrities and have them battle it out! Each week America will vote and one celeb will go home. The prize will be a $1 Million donation to a charity of their choice. Producers have said they are hoping to get major names that aren't really known for their singing talent.

They hope for the show to premiere this November. They also wish for Randy, Paula & Simon to return as judges.

Hmm... Me not so sure. I think they should get singers that think they can see and have them perform without a backtrack or any kind of effects. I'm thinking Madonna, Ashlee Simpson, Britney Spears, Posh Beckham... damn this show could go on forever and ever!


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