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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Someone's loooooking!

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy's Jai Rodriguez I guess is looking for someone to cuddle with.

Here's his Match.com ad!

Thanks to Lahoma for sending me this shit!

Hot Slut of the Day!

Shauna Sands

Birthday Sluts

Joshua Jackson (27)
Matt McGrath (36)
Hugh Laurie (46)
Gene Wilder (72)

Friday, June 10, 2005

Jessica's Boot-ey!

Jessica Simpson's video for her cover of These Boots are Made for Walkin' has hit the internet. She looks hot and all, but she kind of bugs me. Her legs are a little too short and the whole car washing thing is a bit porn-ish. But it's still hot and I'm sure you'll salivate over this, shoes!

Click here to see Jessica in all her glory!

Starbucks has brainwashed our celebs!

Cityrag has uncovered the millions of dollars worth of product placement Starbucks is getting for free from our celebs! You know how many fucking times Britney, Paris and Nicole have been photographed with a fucking mochachinno? Like a million!

Read that shit here!

Gary Coleman lives forever!

has named Gary Coleman star of Diff'rent Strokes as the number 1 child star of all-time! He still is a fucking child star. Here's the list:

#1 - Gary Coleman
#2 - Macaulay Culkins
#3 - The Olsen Twins
#4 - Jodie Foster
#5 - Drew Barrymore
#6 - Emmanuel Lewis
#7 - Ron Howard
#8 - Corey Feldman
#9 - Maureen McCormick
#10 - Danny Bonaduce


Fag Hags

Kathy Hilton
and her skanky daughter, Paris will be the grand marshals of the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian parade. That's hot.



From these fags and me!

So I went to see Batman Begins...

That shit was hot. So much better than all the other ones. You sluts would like it. Katie Holmes sucks though. At least she's got Tom.

Thanks Coco for the tix!

Shakira's looking rough!


This is a travesty!

The Spice Girls
were set to reunite for Live 8 in England which is basically a huge benefit. But, the concert's organizer has shut them out! Bob Geldof said:"I can't afford to have bands who won't pull the crowds. This is a political event, not a cultural one.

"If I get people who are currently selling 15 million albums, then there's an audience of at least 15 million people for the concert. It's a question of who is popular right now; that's the way it is.

"The whole thing with the Spice Girls isn't about my personal taste - my kids sing their stuff. But there just aren't enough people out there who would want to watch them."

Oh hell no! It's war!


Kelly Monaco is so hot!

She was practically naked on Dancing with the Stars the other night!


Jack Osbourne is no longer a fat fuck!

Let's hope he's fucking giving his sister some advice! That bitch is still nasty!


Going over the deep end!

is a fucking fanatic! Madonna has just bought a $3 Million London home which she plans to use as "Hotel Kabbalah." She plans to use the space as a hotel and center for fellow followers.

One resident is pissed and said:"Having a Kabbalah centre would be totally inappropriate It is a seriously manipulative sect which is very good at getting people's money, including Madonna's".

This bitch is crazy! I'm surprised she hasn't fucking given her children to the Kabbalah! That's next!

Ben's Fruit Basket

Kevin Smith
was always on the lookout while filming Jersey Girl with Ben Affleck. It seems that Ben would constantly play a practical joke on him called "The Fruit Basket."

Kevin said: "I'd be sitting in the director's chair and I'd be watching a playback, and he'd stand behind me. Every once in a while I'd feel something on my neck. I'd be like, 'What the fuck was that?' And I'd turn around and he'd have his scrotum out and resting on my neck I was like, 'What the fuck is wrong with you, dude?'" .



The Pink Panther? Eh, not so much.

Sony Pictures
has pulled The Pink Panther from being released on August 5th. They have also pulled the trailer from theaters after the film received disappointing reviews from online critics. The flick which stars Kevin Kline, Steve Martin & Beyonce will now be released in February.


Adam Brody offers you $100

The O.C. Star is offering $100 to anybody who can track down aTV commercial he did for an acne cream.

He said: "My first commercial was for a medication grade acne (treatment)... they had to put me in like two hours of make-up... I've never seen it, but my friends have seen it. They did a 'before' and 'after' in the commercial and I started out with a lot of acne. And then they go to 'after' and I was like, 'Well at least the audience will know that I really don't have huge boils on my face because we'll clean it off.' And they were like, 'Well, actually not so, buddy, because you'd have tons of acne scars.' So then (in my 'after' scene) I hug my mom and I'm all like pock-marked. That's in existence somewhere and $100 to whoever finds it! I've never seen it."


Hot Slut of the Day!

Cynthia McFadden!

Birthday Sluts

Shane West (27)
Tara Lipinski (23)
LeeLee Sobieski (23)
Hoku (24)
Faith Evans (32)
Gina Gersohn (43)
Kim Deal (44)

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Ridiculous eBay Item of the Day

Is this fucking for serious? Somebody is fucking selling Angelina & Brad Pitt's air?! WTF!

You are bidding on
Jar of Celebrity Air
which was captured at the movie premiere of
“Mr. & Mrs. Smith”
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

The jar is a wide mouth, one-quart sized mason jar, which was cleaned and sterilized prior to being brought to the collection site, the premiere of
“Mr. & Mrs. Smith”
which was held on June 7, 2005 in Westwood Village, California.

You know some motherfucking crazy bitch will buy this shit!

Special thanks to Dr. Jennifer for sending me this shit!

Nip Slip of the Day!


Dr. Durst

Our favorite piece of trash, Fred Durst has come up with the perfect cure for the common hangover! British TV host Vernon Kay said he met with Fred Durst in Miami and Freddy introduced Vernon to the miracle of this cure!

Vernon said: "I met Fred Durst in Miami and he told me about this baby drink called Pedialyte. I swear to God, half an hour later you feel as right as rain. Fred's favourite flavour is blackcurrant. Mine is apple."

Note to Self: Head to Rite-Aid and buy a six-pack of Pedialyte.


Don't Screw with Seal!

Oooooh...Seal got all pissed when a photog tried to get some pictures of him, Heidi and her baby while eating lunch. He was going to be some bitches down!


Beware of Monkeyboy!

Tom Cruise was on Leno and acted the fool, yet again...


Sonya "The Black Widow" Thomas strikes again!

10 boxes of popcorn in 12 minutes!


The Photoshop Awards: Pamela Anderson in Men Magazine

Damn, some retoucher was working overtime for this. She's looking like Lil' Kim!


Free Katie!

Everyone let's get together and save this girl! She needs us now more than ever! You can do your part by sporting these ugly t-shirts and saving America's sweetheart from the aliens of Scientology!

Jesus, is that you?

Rosalie Lawson of Florida was about to indulge in a delicious potatoe chip when she stopped and couldn't believe what she saw!

She said: "I said to myself: Oh my goodness I showed it to my husband Jerry and he was pretty amazed too."

Rosalie considers herself deeply religious and is currently deciding what to do with it. Six-months ago another Florida woman discovered Jesus in her sandwhich and sold it for $30k on eBay.

Rosalie, be a smart bitch and sell it to a dumb bitch!


Angie's in Mexico City!

She and Bradley are busy promoting in Mexico City. With that look on her face, I guess she just passed some gas!


Homeless Love

Garner & Affleck are in Vancouver while she's shooting a film. She looks cute, but damn does he have pink eye or something?


Madge will tear up your ear drums!

isn't a very good actress or singer, we all know this. What's she good at? Well, I think she's a good performer and an excellent business woman. With that being said, she has said that a future project she has in mind is to ruin the credibility of London theater by starring in an original musical which she is planning to star.

She said: "My last play sold out within hours. I never missed a performance and above all, I loved it so much. I'm planning on hooking up again with a musical mentor who I admire so much."

I got news for you, the reason why your play sold out is because people needed a fucking good laugh!


Scary Spice needs your sperm!

Melanie Brown's
biological clock is ticking again! The 30yo Spice Girl already has a daughter by her ex-husband. But she's getting the itchin' again and she's ready to get turkey basted in order to have a baby!

She said:"I definitely see myself having more children. But I'm single. I've got to find the right guy yet, or the right donor!"

Everybody's doing it Mel, why not? And you may get a better orgasm from the baster!


And the groveling begins...

Russell Crowe
is deeply upset he threw a fucking phone at someone! Russell was on Letterman last night in which he explained why he assaulted an innocent man! If you don't know already, Russell was arrested for throwing a telephone at an employee at The Mercer Hotel in NYC where he was staying. He told the Daily Telegraph:

"I am in a lot of trouble. I'm at the bottom of a well. I can't communicate how dark my life is right now. I will spend the rest of my life, if it takes it, trying to make it up with my wife. I'm very sorry for my actions. I know it's my fault. We flew over and back again in 20 hours. Not being able to tell your wife you're safe and OK is frustrating... I'm not trying to be pessimistic I'm just looking at what the situation is. It's a seven year jail sentence."

"The only hope I've got is to rely on his good graces. I wouldn't imagine he feels any obligation to do anything nice and I can understand that position completely."

You know, I've been fucking lonely too but you don't see my ass throwing a payphone at some bitch at the Holiday Inn! Who does he think he fucking is!


Beyonce's hairy chocha!

Damn girl, take a razor to that shit! Unless Jay-Z likes pulling hairs out of his teeth!


Finger Fucking!

When I read this I nearly died. Bobby Brown's new reality serious Being Bobby Brown premieres June 30th. World of Wonder has a very funny clip of it. And Popbitch posted a little tidbit of an episode.

Being Bobby Brown, starts end June: The couple's drugged-up ghetto lifestyle in full glare. One episode has Bobby describing how he helped his wife with her constipation, by inserting his fingers to massage it out. Whitney says, "When I told my girlfriends about it, they said 'That's real love, baby. That's real black love.'" Bobby then holds up four fingers and wiggles them in front of the camera.

I love black love!


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