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Saturday, April 16, 2005

DMX Arrested in Car Crash

Rapper DMX was arrested on Saturday for his involvement in a 3-car crash in New York City. Police said a car driven by DMX hit another car, which then slammed into a police cruiser late Friday on the Major Deegan Expressway in the Bronx. Two police officers were treated for minor injuries.

The 34-year-old hip-hop star was charged with driving with a suspended license and released, police said.

Brandon Routh as Clark Kent in Superman Returns

The Top 10 of 2005, So Far....For this Week...

Here is the Top 10 of 2005 so far...for this week...I didn't include films, because everything out there sucks!

Last Week's List


10. New Order "Waiting for the Sirens' Call" (Last Week: 10)
9. Garbage "Bleed Like Me" (4)
8. Jack Johnson "In Between Dreams"(N/A)
7. Mariah Carey "The Emancipation of Mimi" (7)
6. Moby "Hotel"(9)
5. Tori Amos "The Beekeeper"(2)
4. The Decemberists "Picaresque"(8)
3. Emma Bunton "Free Me"(1)
2. LCD Soundsystem "LCD SoundSystem"(5)
1. 50 Cent "The Massacre" (3)


10. Debbie Travis' Facelift (9)
9. Alias (6)
8. American Idol (10)
7. The Amazing Race 7 (5)
5. Arrested Development (3)
6. The Apprentice 3 (4)
4. Showdog Mom and Dad's (n/a)
3. Desperate Housewives (2)
2. Lost (1)
1. America's Next Top Model 4 (8)

Hot Slut of the Day!

The Fantasy Twins!

Birthday Sluts

Lukas Haas (29)
Mark Long (33)
Martin Lawrence (40)
Ellen Barkin (51)

Friday, April 15, 2005


This looks like one of my sister's dance costumes when she was a little girl! What the hell is Bobby Trendy thinking?!?

A New Mr & Mrs. Smith Pic!

Damn! Angie and Brad look hot together!

Brad's not looking so hot...

Jenna Jameson's Birthday Party!!

I'm not sure about the hair color....

Own the Gotti House

Well looks like that dump the Gotti's live in, is up for sale. For just $4 Million you two can own a piece of TV history!

See it

To: Fans From: Madonna

Dear Fans,

Happy New Year! 2005 is a great year already. I had a relaxing holiday with my family and was happy that my husband and I finally had two weeks off at the same time and were able to be together with our children.
I have been back in the studio writing new songs for several different projects. Should I do a musical?? Should I record another album? Stay tuned to find out what I decide to do....
All of my projects are labours of love, however, my book series is particularly dear to me as all of the proceeds go to the Spirituality for Kids Foundation. My final book in the series, Lotsa de Casha, will be out in June. And the English Roses Collection has been doing well at retail and I am thrilled about the look of the Fall '05 line which I have just finished designing. It is just another reminder to always look for new ways to be creative and to never stop reinventing yourself.
Speaking of Reinvention, upcoming is the release of the tour documentary which I have been working on tirelessly with the director Jonas Akerlund. It starts out being a film about me and my life on tour and ends up being a story about Humanity.
I am very excited about it and hope to premiere it at the Cannes Film Festival.

Take Care,
Work hard,
Be Brave!


The Top Real World/Road Rules Sluts of All-Time!

by Jesse Murray

The Real World is one of the most ridiculous shows on TV. Seven stupid people live together in a house and try to act like hot shit. But they end up looking like idiots. The best seasons are the ones where people get kicked off and then have to be replaced. That's why L.A. was so hot---two bitches left! Here are the top ten Real World Sluts!

10. Beth (Los Angeles)

She's nuts. Norman called her "Osama Beth Laden." He's totally right. She's always lying and scheming shit. She's like Erica Kane!

9. Nicole (New York II)

Nicole was hot because she wore so much make up and would say "hootie hoo!" She used to talk about not having a shower when she was a kid. Don't fuck with her!

8. Flora (Miami)

Undoubtedly one of the hottest bitches ever, Flora could kick your ass. She had two boyfriends going during her time on the show. She and Mitchell used to scream at each other all the time. One time she called Mitchell and screamed at him and said "Mee-chell, I hope your plane crashes and everyone on it but you lives!" She also hated Sarah and all those homeless thirteen year olds she used to hang out with!

7. Trishelle (Las Vegas)

She is so hot because she's such a slut! Trishelle would sleep with anything. One episode she thought she was pregnant because she ran out of condoms or something. She's drunken trash!

6. Ruthie (Hawaii)

Ruthie is so hot because she was drunk all the time. Did you ever notice how Ruthie's hair was always wet and she always sounded like she had a cold? The best was when Matt tried to intervene and save Ruthie and her twin sister Buthie. That bitch Ruthie tried to throw herself off a balcony one episode! Now she is all cleaned up and acts all depressed when people get kicked off the challenge.

5. Kaia (Hawaii)

This girl was crazy. Her real name was Margaret but she called herself Kaia and showed her boobs all the time. There was one episode where she just walked around and looked at birds and talked about how fucking poetic they were. Then at the reunion she acted all depressed like she was a fucking beatnik. I bet this slut writes poetry on napkins when she gets inspired!

4. Amaya (Hawaii)

Amaya was so hot because she was so fucking irritated all the time. She called her boobs the "twins." Her best line was when she was massaging Colin's back and he asked her to go lower. She said "Do you want me to, like, bake you a pie while I'm at it?" Amaya is a humanitarian though, because when they went to India she wanted to give skittles and tootsie pops to the starving kids. This bitch wouldn't bob for pig's feet in a challenge once because it's wasn't kosher, but the next day the slut ate a sausage & Egg McMuffin!

3. Irene (Seattle)

This bitch is crazy! When she got lyme disease she went nuts and told Stephen he was gay. Then he slapped this slut! The best Irene moment was when she got on her medication and was rambling all the time about her weird dreams and was acting all manic. Everyone in the house thought she was nuts and they were right!

2. Tami (Los Angeles)

Tami is famous for uttering the most quotable real world line ever: "IT WASN'T NOT FUNNY!" This bitch got upset because David tried to pull her covers off once and she was in her pajamas! Then Beth said it was like rape! Tami is also best known for getting her teeth wired shut and for having an abortion!

1. Tonya (Real World Chicago)

Originally best known for her kidney stones, now this bitch is best known for being a slut! Tonya goes down in history as being the first person to ever pass a kidney stone on television, and then to show that shit! Tonya also used to talk about being in foster care all the time. That bitch used that as an excuse why she couldn't be a lifeguard--she said that because she was in foster care she couldn't find her birth certificate! Except that shit is public record and she used to live with her mom before she went into foster care as a teen! So she knew where she was born! That shit is easy to get----I had my aunt go to city hall once and fax me my fucking birth certificate!

Now Tonya is known for being hot. She goes on challenges and shows her tits and hooks up with hot men. On the last challenge Robin called her a whore! Then Tonya blamed Beth and threw that bitches clothes in the pool! I saw Tonya on the subway once and she was so hot, I almost passed out!

Top 4 Road Rules Sluts!

Road Rules is the bastard step child of the Real World. But it has had some hot bitches!

1. Ayanna (Semester at Sea)

This bitch is nuts! The best episode was when Veronica and Pua thought she was casting voodoo on them! Ayanna would always freak out. I knew someone who was at Semester at Sea with her and said that one day Ayanna went crazy and started ripping up toilet paper, then tried to throw herself off the ship!

2. Veronica (Semster at Sea)

Best known for her rivalry with Katie, Veronica is so hot because she's always trying to get people kicked off the challenges. Remember when she stole Pua's shirt, lied about it, then the bitch got nailed by Pua when Pua found it and wore it to a party? I bet Veronica did copy Ayanna's term paper or whatever. Beth hates her ass.

3. Katie (The Quest)

All Katie does is smoke, which is so hot.

4. Belou (Europe)

Undeniably the hottest bitch ever, Belou was fucking nuts! She tried to stab someone with a spork once and then tried to throw herself off the winnie (what's with crazy road rules bitches trying to hurl themselves off moving objects?). The best was at the challenge when she brought her baby and her nanny along! She would go crazy all the time and kept the baby in some weird glass box. Then she got pissed at someone because they moved the glass box and the baby near a window and she thought lightning was going to knock the window onto the baby! And she'd run around and scream and act dirty.

Ryan Reynolds: I Say Goddamn!

See him in The Amityville Horror this weekend!

R.I.P. Coby from Survivor

The only gay one got voted out of Survivor last night! It was his own fault!

The Pig Olympics!

Here are pics from the Pig Olympics held in Shanghai! Damn those Chinese people are so weird!

This is a Kintana

This is the first successfully bred kintana ever! A UK zoo successfully bred and hand-rear an aye-aye, the largest nocturnal primate in the world and one of the strangest mammals on the planet!

He kinda looks like Nicole Richie!

Nic Cage wants nothing to do with pregnancy!

Here's a recent pic of Nic Cage and his child bride Alice Kim out and about. She's preggo for any of you who didn't know. It looks like he wants nothing to do with her!

The America's Next Top Model Video!

If any of you sluts missed Tyra going crazy on a model on the most recent Top Model episode. Here's a hot rundown with video for your viewing pleasure!

Watch it!

What is Gwyneth talking about?

Gwynnie Paltrow has said that after having a baby, she has lost her memory. Does this make any sense? She recently visited a London drama school and when a student asked her about learning her lines she said: "I used to be excellent and then I had a baby and I can't remember anything. I used to have a fantastic memory and now I can't remember what day it is."

This bitch is weird!

Jude & Sienna already married?

About a week ago there were reports that Jude & Sienna were going to hold off their wedding. But that may have been a hoax. The two are reportedley already married! Damn them! They are both currently wearing wedding bands. Godamn you two for screwing with us!

Tom Sizemore is a Homosexual!

Tom Sizemore's ex, Heidi Fleiss is claiming that he's a closet gay! Heidi recently won a long legal battle against Tom claiming he beat her ass down! She says, "Because he's lousy in bed and very homophobic, I have to wonder if he's not struggling with his sexuality. If that's so, he's really going to hate jail."

Damn girl, kick someone while they're down!

The Wedding Singer will hit Broadway in 2006

Oh yes it's true! The Adam Sandler/Drew Barrymore starrer The Wedding Singer has been made into a Broadway musical which will debut on Broadway in the spring of 2006 after hitting Seattle first.

Holy shit it's going to be awful!

The Breed gets its cast

The Wes Craven produced film The Breed has added 3 stars to its cast. Shemalien, Michelle Rodriguez, Taryn Manning and Olivier Hudson will headline the horror flick about five young friends who vacation on a peaceful deserted island only to discover that the canines they befriend are genetically altered and possess a frighteningly high level of intelligence -- with an appetite to match.

Damn they just pop these horror films out!

Lucy Liu books another one!

Lucy Liu who is seen next in Domino has lined up another flick to be filmed this summer. Lucy will star in Rise which is being described as a horror-thriller which is about a reporter who wakes up in a morgue and discovers she's no longer among the living. She vows revenge against the vampires responsible for putting her there and hunts them down one by one.

Hot Slut of the Day!

Carnie Wilson!

Birthday Sluts

Samantha Fox (38)
Emma Watson (14)
Emma Thompson (45)

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Nipple Slip of the Day: Janice Dickinson!

The Incredible Shrinking Woman

Nicole Richie was looking hot and now she's just looking like Tinkerbell Hilton!

The Photoshop Awards: Mariah Carey

Nicole Kidman is Everywhere!

Tuesday night Berlin and last night London! Jetsetter Nicky Kidman is busy at work promoting her new flop The Interpreter! Here she was at last night's UK premiere.

What's that pink thing?

That's a hot outfit!

America's Next Top Model Drama!

HOLY SHIT! The last 5 minutes of ANTM last night was the hottest shit I've ever seen! For anybody that didn't see it, Tyra basically went bazooka on Tiffany! Why? Because Tiffany basically gave up and Tyra knows as well as everyone else that Tiffany could've won that shit! I think Tiffany was Tyra's secret-fave. Well, anyway last night two lovely ho's went home. Not only did our favorite Pigeon go home, but Rebecca did as well. It was Rebecca's time, so I wasn't sad at all. But you all know how much I love that bitch Tiffany. Thank God, Brittany is still there! Now that bitch is going all the way!

R.I.P. Rebecca from ANTM4

R.I.P. Tiffany from ANTM 4

The Apprentice 3 Finale to only be 1 hour!

Remember last year when The Apprentice 2 had a fucking 3-hour Finale! That shit was like dragged out for days and was awful. Well Donald Trump said "We ended up with a reunion and all of this nonsense. Nobody wants that. What they want is a finale where somebody gets fired. ... and they want to witness the excitement of the hiring."

So true Trump, I just hope Melania is there!

Michael K on MySpace

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