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Saturday, March 12, 2005

JLo Looking Like Hell!

Who Is That Jeremy?

Jeremy is really, really hot! He's my idol!

See the rest of his pics here!

Hot Slut of the Day!

Joanna Kerns!

Birthday Sluts

Ron Jeremy (51)
Eva Herzigova (31)
Aaron Eckart (36)
James Taylor (56)
Liza Minnelli (58)

Friday, March 11, 2005

Cop Shoots Himself in the Leg!

This is hilarious! This bitch is dumb!

Why Didn't My Chihuahua Do That????!!!???

In China (only in China) a chihuahua has found a pet chick and adopted the bitch.

She has the look of the devil in her eyes!

Huahua (the chihuahua in question) became enamored with a baby chick the minute that her owner brought it home. Huahua has taken charge of the chick and won't let anybody get near it. This bitch thinks that's her baby! What a selfish bitch!

Hilary at Harvard?


Singer HILARY DUFF has been taunted by fellow students at America's
exclusive Harvard University, where she is currently attending classes.

The SO YESTERDAY star comes under fire in campus newspaper THE CRIMSON whose
editorial team are angry she has told the world she attends the university
because she didn't take the stringent entrance exam - and she hasn't taken
part in any of the education establishment's traditional activities.

Duff is part of the Harvard Extension School - a distance learning programme
which allows her to take classes online without actually attending the
university proper.
The newspaper reads, "It's one thing to say you go to Harvard, but it's
another to live la vida Harvard.

"Have you, par example, been punched by the Bee Club? Or attended the
Daedalus Final Club?"

Brigitte Nielsen's Wedding Photos to Boy Toy

She is attacking him! Call 911!!!

Why is he wearing that flower thing on his head?

He's looking for her adam's apple!


Why the Hell is Alicia Keys so nasty??

NOTE TO ALICIA: Don't wear something that makes you look like you belong on Hookers at the Point.


Madonna is firing back at Boy George after the '80s pop star blasted her for cynically bilking her gay fans.

George says Madonna's devotion to Kabbalah is the ultimate act of hypocrisy. "It's ironic that she's joined an organization that says homosexuality is a disease that can be cured and no one picks her up on it," George told the London Times. "After making all those millions of dollars out of gay people, pretending to kiss girls, pretending to be a lesbian! I think she's cynical."

But Madonna's rep, Liz Rosenberg, says George is the one being cynical. "There's not enough room on PAGE SIX to respond to Boy George's ridiculous accusations," she told our Jared Paul Stern, "much less list Madonna's long-standing passion, love, commitment and devotion to the gay community which has not changed for 20 years."

Rosenberg insists Kabbalah does "not discriminate against homosexuals, nor do they work toward changing anyone's sexual preference. I wish Boy George would go back to writing songs . . . Does he ever have anything nice to say about anyone?"


The Daily Star is reporting that when Antonio Banderas first came to Hollywood, Madge tried to fuck him. But the hunky latin star turned the bitch down! And nobody turns Madge down!


Madonna's follow-up to "Truth or Dare," an as-yet-untitled documentary about her Reinvention Tour, looks "very likely" to premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, to be held May 11-22, according to the singer's rep. The documentary was directed by Jonas Akerlund, who chronicled her tour and the "new" Madonna. A theatrical release is planned for later this year.

Some More TV Pilot Castings..

Super slut Heather Graham will star in ABC's Emily's Reasons Why Not in which she'll play a self-help author that can't take her own advice when it comes to dating. How fucking original.

Sally Field will topline CBS's drama pilot Convinction. Convinction centers on a team of lawyers led by a former defense attorney. Eriq LaSalle will co-star with Sally.

Johnny Depp drops a bomb!

Looks like Johnny wants an Oscar so bad. Variety is reporting that Johnny has optioned the book The Bomb in My Garden written by Iraq's top nuclear scientist Mahi Obeidi and Kurt Pitzer.

The movie will tell the story of how, after Saddam Hussein's capture, Obeidi tried to turn himself and his secrets over to the U.S., only to find the CIA and other government agencies didn't believe him. The journo hatched a scheme to get Obeidi and his family out of the country before he was killed by insurgents who wanted to silence him.

Obeidi gave over secrets that included a uranium enrichment device he buried in his yard.

Scary Movie 4?!? NOT AGAIN!

The Hollywood Reporter is saying that Anna Faris has signed a deal to star in Scary Movie 4 for Dimenion Films. Faris has been in all 3 of the shitty Scary Movies.

David Zucker, who directed the third installment, is returning to the helmer's chair.

The "Scary Movie" franchise has been very sucessful for Dimension, Miramax Films' genre label. Domestically, the first movie grossed $157 million, the second $71.3 million, and the third, released in 2003, hit $110 million

Hot Slut of the Day!

HEATHER B! All Glocks Down!

Birthday Sluts

Johnny Knoxville (34)
Thora Birch (23)
Lisa Loeb (37)
Peter Berg (41)
Sam Donaldson (71)
Rupert Murdoch (74)

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Ted Leo Covers Kelly Clarkson

Ted Leo covers Kelly Clarkson with a bit of Yeah Yeah Yeah's thrown in there!

Thanks to stereogum...

Ted Leo "Since U Been Gone/Maps"

Cameron Diaz Rushed to Hospital?

Pagesixsixsix is reporting that Cammy Diaz has been rushed to the hospital from Justin Timberlake's house. Nothing else has been reported. Hmmm..

*Update: Reports are that she's at Cedars (bitch I was born there!) in L.A.

**Update: Apparently the bitch had an accident not today, but this past weekend. She was at JT's house and had some kind of accident and had to get 17 stitches on her head. What a dumb bitch!

Lohan and Willis?

You thought the 15 year age difference between Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher was extreme? She's 42, and he's 27. The "New York Post" says Bruce Willis, who turns 50 this month, was ALL OVER 18-year-old Lindsay Lohan at a party in New York the other night. That would be a 32 year age difference! The paper claims that at one point, Bruce had maneuvered Lindsay's pants far enough down in the back that onlookers could see a tattoo on her right cheek that says "La Bella Vista". The translation for the tatoo is: "The Beautiful View". They said after a while, Bruce took Lindsay and a few friends up to his hotel suite to continue the party.

This has got to be fake!

Rachel Ray in FHM

This ain't even right!!!



Blogger has been fucking up all fucking day and I'm fucking over it! O-V-E-R IT!

Brit VS Cher

"Whooo Britney is a ho! Whooo..Schonny Bono!"

ContactMusic.com: Britney Spears has hit back at pop legend CHER after the veteran singer branded her a "ho" - despite the fact the pair will star together in forthcoming movie In The Pink.

Spears was reportedly left fuming when the Believe singer criticised her in front of 20,000 fans at a gig in Auckland, New Zealand, during the Australasian leg of her farewell tour.

Cher famously said, "I'm not going to give up show business, but there are new girls coming up like Britney and J.Lo."

But when the crowd booed, the superstar turned on her contemporaries, snapping "I know. They are hoes, aren't they?"

According to British newspaper the Daily Sport, the Toxic beauty told friends, "I wanna know just who's the ho, Cher?"

A close friend confides, "This remark by Cher has been very upsetting to Britney because she always looked up to and admired Cher. Now she feels she's been stabbed in the back. She told me, 'Before she starts calling anyone a ho, Cher should take a look in the mirror.'"

Relations between Spears and Cher first became strained when Cher pulled out of a duet with the 23-year-old at the last minute three years ago.

Britney Getting Kicked Out!

Here's a picture of Brit and Bit Bit getting kicked out of a L.A. restaurant, because Bit Bit was not wanted there! Britney is pissed!

"I didn't even get to finish my mai tai, ya'll!"

Stiles Suing People!

Julia Stiles is suing her former production partners for allegedly conspiring to rob her of a role in a film adaptation of Sylvia Plath's The Bell Jar. Stiles had hoped the role of Esther Greenwood - the fictionalized Plath in the story - would land her her first Oscar nomination, and propel her to the ranks of other serious actresses. But she lost the part, and now claims her dreams of co-producing and starring in the project were dashed when her film partners sealed a secret deal and conspired with the film's director to "fire Ms. Stiles and hire another actress to play the lead role".

Julia, you can’t fucking act and you will never win an Oscar! Go into the corner with Kirsten Dunst and cry bitch!

Renee and Damien Sitting in a Tree!

Crackhead, Renee Zellweger has settled down with Irish singer Damien Rice. The couple have been secretly dating for a while, but their romance hit the public eye when Zellweger asked the shy singer to accompany her to the Oscars last month. Instead, Rice preferred to keep a low profile and stayed in Zellweger's Los Angeles mansion watching the event on TV as she took to the red carpet. A source tells British newspaper the Daily Mirror, "He's been staying with her since February, but it's all very low key. They have been totally avoiding the whole LA party scene, keeping themselves to themselves." A friend adds, "It definitely looks serious." Zellweger split from her previous beau, White Stripes singer Jack White, last year.

TV RATINGS: I guess people like watching God?!?

“Is God watching us? Cause our eyes are watching him!”

#1 – Their Eyes Were Watching God, ABC
#2 – American Idol – Tuesday, FOX
#3 – CSI, CBS
#4 – American Idol – Wednesday, FOX
#5 – American Idol – Monday, FOX

Marlon Brando back from the dead!

It has been confirmed that director Bryan Singer plans on using stock footage of Marlon Brando that was originally shot by Superman director Richard Donner for Superman Returns. The character in the new film is expected to have a very minor role.

Brando and Christopher Reeve were once filmed interacting with one another to be used in Superman II, but due to a lawsuit against the Salkinds for a percentage of the sequel, the scenes were deleted and re-shot using the mother instead.

The dead Marlon Brando will join Brandon Routh, Kate Bosworth and Kevin Spacey in the film which is set to debut in 2006.

What Does Horton Hear?

20th Century Fox Animation and Blue Sky Studios have landed the rights to adapt Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who! as a CG-animated movie, says The Hollywood Reporter.

That fat fuck Horton is Dr. Seuss’ most beloved and FAT characters. He will be CG-animated by Fox’s Blue Sky Studios.

This shit will be hot!

Hot Slut of the Day!

Ana Maria Lombo from Eden's Crush is so fucking hot!

Birthday Sluts

Cristian de la Fuente (31)
Jasmine Guy (41)
Neneh Cherry (42)
Sharon Stone (47)
Osama bin Laden (48)
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Chuck Norris (65)

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The D-List's Reality Bitches!

We at The D-List absolutely adore reality TV. The first time we saw the faces of Heather B and Eric Nies on the Real World back in the day, we were addicted. But then came Survivor which changed the world completely. So, we would consider ourselves major reality show junkies. We've seen the good (Survivor, Amazing Race, Apprentice), the bad (The Benefactor, Cold Turkey, The Bachelorette) and the just plain ugly (Joe Millionaire, The Swan).

We have decided to vomit up our favorite bitches on our favorite reality shows. These are the sluts that we aspire to be, that we love to hate and sometimes we basically just want to see lose it. We believe we have "an eye" for talent, so please take these following individuals very seriously. These are the stars of four days ago and the ones that you will forget 10 minutes after the Season Finale!

Donna from WB's "The Starlet"

Vivica Fox said it best when she said "This bitch can't act her way out of a box!" Which is funny coming out of someone who was in Juwanna Mann. But Ms. Fox is right, Donna cannot act, but she's fucking gorgeous. She kinda is a cross between RuPaul and Tevin Campbell. Faye Dunnaway isn't so sure about this one, but me thinks its because she's jealous! Faye wishes she could count on her looks to get her through life! Donna is a true D-Lister and we're proud of every terrible line that comes out of her oh-so-perfect mouth!

Mikalah Gordon from Fox's "American Idol"

This bitch is only 17, but she acts like a 65yo woman. She is basically Barbara Streisand. She honestly is. She talks, walks and laughs like that bitch. Mikalah is by no means the best singer, but she has that something. Most singers these days have no talent and no personality. But Mikalah is different in the fact that she has no talent, but lots of personality. We especially like how during her songs she manages to give a "shout out" to her fellow judges. Some people find her annoying, but she is our light. Mikalah Gordon is a star in our stone-cold hearts.

Angie from CBS's "Survivor"

Angie reminds us of that girl in High School. You know the bitch. The one that loved Morrissey and Edgar Allen Poe. Since I was an outcast like her that girl was my best friend. So now since she's among the buffed and ordinary on Survivor, we are rooting for her. Angie if you are listening please don't let anyone get you down! Don't let them kick you around! In the words of our icon Morrissey "There's a place in the sun, For anyone who has the will to chase one And I think I've found mine, Yes, I do believe I have found mine"

Tiffany from UPN's "America's Next Top Model"

This bitch is a true hoodrat, pigeon, whatever you'd like to call her. Any girl who's favorite restaurant is Popeye's Chicken is a fucking friend of mine! This bitch was made famous last season when at a bar some jealous white slut threw her beer on Tiffany's weave. Tiffany went ghetto on her ass and who fucking blames her? Tiffany looks more like she belongs on the cover of a car magazine in a bikini, but we won't let that get to us. Tiffany is a survivor and we just hope that if a photographer or stylist pisses her off she will make sure to give him the beat down, hootie hoo!

JLo's Favorite Painting

Jennifer Lopez has a new favorite painting — a nude of her.

The singer’s hubby, Marc Anthony, has done an oil painting of J.Lo, reports In Touch Weekly.

“J. Lo was so flattered by the beautiful portrait Marc painted of her that she hung it in her dressing room at home,” notes the mag, which quotes a source as saying, “It depicts Jennifer from her backside. . . . It’s very artistic and tasteful.”

Zac Hanson Engaged?

I guess nobody cares, but apparently Zac Hanson was on a television program in Mexico last night from the Hard Rock and announced that he was engaged. The singer reportedly got in a joking jab at his brother Taylor by explaining, "Yes, I am engaged, and no, she is not pregnant."

Victoria Beckham Naked for Charity!

Click to see her and all her hotness!

At Least Somebody Wants Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe says Osama bin Laden's al-Qaida terror network wanted to kidnap him as part of a "cultural destabilization plot," according to an Australian magazine.

In an interview published in the March edition of Australia's GQ magazine, Crowe said FBI agents told him of the threat in 2001, in the months before he won a best actor Oscar for his role as Maximus in "Gladiator."

"That was the first (time) I'd ever heard the phrase 'al-Qaida,'" Crowe said. "It was about — and here's another little touch of irony — taking iconographic Americans out of the picture as sort of a cultural destabilization plot," he added.

Crowe said he was shadowed by FBI agents after the threat and hired private security guards.

Give me a fucking break!

Britney turns "Pink"

Newlywed pop star Britney Spears is busy learning lines for her second movie role, which begins filming later this month. Britney I guess is a glutton for punishment and is set to play a door-to-door saleswoman alongside Cher, Tim Allen and Bette Midler in the comedy In the Pink.

A friend enthuses, "Britney really wanted this part - it's a good script and she's determined to prove to her doubters that she can act!"

And the TV Pilot Castings Don't Stop!

Aisha Tyler has joined Jennifer Love Hewitt's untitled CBS drama pilot. It centers on a young newlywed (Hewitt) who communicates with the dead. Tyler will play the woman's best friend.

Loni Anderson has joined Tori Spelling in NBC's Notorious. Tori Spelling will play a version of herself with Loni Anderson as her mother.

Johnathon Schaech and Christine Taylor have joined CBS' The Commuters. The Commuters, from Paramount Network TV, chronicles the lives of three couples in the New York suburbs whose husbands commute to the city.

Eric Balfour has joined Denise Richards in Wildlife. The dramedy is about a group of twentysomethings set in the hip community of Silver Lake

Note to Hollywood: Keanu Reeves CANNOT Act!

Wooden statue, Keanu Reeves is set to board The 8th Voyage of Sinbad at Columbia Pictures for director Rob Cohen and producer Neal Moritz, reports Variety.

Reeves will star as Sinbad the sailor, the legendary character from "The Arabian Nights." In the film, set in eighth-century China, Sinbad and his shipmates embark on a quest to find the Lamp of Aladdin. Along the way, they meet a beautiful empress and battle fantastical creatures as well as a rebellious Chinese general who threatens the kingdom with his supernatural powers.

This one oughta be good!

Hot Slut of the Day!

Surya Bonaly! The Craziest Bitch on Ice!

Birthday Sluts

Kerr Smith (33)
Bow Wow (18)
Brittany Snow (19)
Juliette Binoche (41)
Linda Fiorentino (45)
Joyce Van Patten (71)

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Dr. Jennifer and the Land of Make-Believe! - PART TWO

And our story from yesterday continues...

We left our hero at a sex party with Dr. Jennifer:

So I blacked out, basically. When I woke up, I wasn't at that party anymore. I wasn't even in the basement. I was in some apartment and it wasn't mine! I was in this shitty fucking bedroom. The bed I was on, fucking smelled so bad or maybe it was me. I had all my clothes on thank god. At least I wasn't gang raped or if I was at least they had the decency to put my clothes back on! I hate it when you get gang raped and they are so rude, they don't put you back together! Anyway, it took me a few seconds to trace my steps. Dr. Jennifer was nowhere to be found! I reached for my celly, but my battery had already gone dead. I had no fucking idea how long I had been there!

Finally, Dr. Jennifer showed up in the same fucking dress and wig. She appeared in the doorway looking fucked up. Her wig was cocked to the side a little bit and her dress was stained. "What the fuck!?" I demanded. She was quiet for a while. She then showed me something that made my eyes fucking burn!

She went to the piece of shit TV in the corner and popped in a tape. She hit play and my life flashed before my eyes! It was Dr. Jennifer in that same wig and dress with "our robot friend." And low and behold, I was on the fucking bed. The same bed I was currently sitting on. They were dancing around me, they did this for a good 5 minutes. I was waiting for something to happen, like for them to rape me or take off my clothes or something! But they just fucking danced around me. It was so weird and finally the tape went off.

Dr. Jennifer grabbed the tape and said to me "We didn't rape you, gross." And then she went into the bathroom to put on some lipstick. I fucking wanted answers, but she didn't want to give them. Then there was a honk and Dr. Jennifer said "There's your car." And I was again perplexed, but such is the way of Dr. Jennifer so I left.

On the ride home I really felt warmth towards Dr. Jennifer. She had the chance to rape me and she didn't. That's the sign of true friendship.

Posh Spends More of Her Hubby's Money!

Posh bought Brooklyn a pair of diamond earrings worth $47,500. She wanted him to have a pair that matched his father's diamond earrings which were made for him by Jacob the Jeweler for $142,500. So basically, Victoria Beckham is very expensively trying to turn her family into women. Sounds like a plan to me!

Eva Long-WHORIA needs to get over herself!

"I'm hotter than JLo and what?"

Eva Longoria's head explodes even further and tells Marie Claire magazine that she gets such little attention from photogs and stylists, because she's just too gorgeous.

"I always have this problem at photo shoots, when all of us are together. I'll get the least attention. They say, 'She'll look good in anything.' Or, 'Oh, she doesn't need the best lighting, because she'll look good in any light.'"

The bitch goes on to stay:

"I find it's harder to stay in shape, especially with my character being the sexy one and all that," Longoria continues. "I just want to try and establish habits now that will carry me through my 30s."

That bitch turns fucking 30 next week which in Hollywood years means 40!

The Cars Reunion?

Rock supergroup THE CARS are negotiating a comeback tour almost 20 years after they split. The existing members of the American band, which recorded LIVE AID anthem DRIVE, last toured together in the late 1980s but now lead guitarist ELLIOT EASTON has confessed there are plans to return to the live circuit.

He says, "We're in the process of trying to put The Cars back together... I think GREG (HAWKES), DAVID (ROBINSON) and myself would consider it if RIC (OCASEK) wanted to."

One bandmate who wouldn't return for the reunion is singer BENJAMIN ORR, who died in 2005.

Nick Carter, We're over your lies!

Yesterday we broke the story that Nick Carter was arrested for drinking and driving.

Today Mr. Carter released this lie:

"Nick Carter deeply regrets the current situation. He is on doctor-prescribed medication and was unaware of its interaction possibilities."

"Save it Honey!"

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