Dlisted: 02/20/2005 - 02/27/2005

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Birthday Sluts

Greg Germann (43)
Ally Hilfiger (20)
Erykah Badu (34)
Michael Bolton (51)
Bree Walker (52)

Hot Slut of the Day!

Diahann Carroll, the hottest black woman on the planet!

Friday, February 25, 2005

Aaron Carter Smoking the Mary J!

Pagesixsixsix, one of my favorite bloggies has EXCLUSIVE pictures of twinky Aaron Carter smoking out shirtless! That shit is hot shit!

Check it out here!

Demi Moore heading to The O.C.?

The Internet has been buzzing today that Demi Moore will play Summer's Step-Mother on the Season Premiere of The O.C. in November. I'm not sure how true this is. If you check her current IMDB Bio, you will find this info.

Her IMDB Bio

Sharon Stone Lezzing Out for Basic Instinct 2

Sharon Stone told Access Hollywood that her character, Catherine Tramell, will have a bisexual relationship in the sequel Basic Instinct 2: Risk Addiction.

"There is lesbian love," Stone said, "We're testing for her now."

Please let it be Demi Whore!

Jlove does Maxim


Another link for the Fred Durst Sex Tape!

So fucking disgusting!

The Battle for Bond

Nip/Tuck Star Julian McMahon is said to be one of two frontrunners to be the next James Bond in Casino Royale. The Australian born actor told Britian's The Mirror "I'm a big James Bond fan. I met the producers for a final audition. They told me to expect a decision in a couple of months and they said it was between me and one other person. It's going to be a very nervous wait."

The other person believed in running for the role is Clive Owen.

Keanu Reeves Yacking It Up on the Streets of Hollywood

I'd still do him.

The Controversial Marcia Cross "Advocate" Cover


FRED DURST HACKED!!! Homemade Porn, ya'll!

Well, another bottom-of-the-barrel celeb has been hacked. And this time it's Fred Durst. Apparently that idiot made a little homemade porn on his sidekick.. here's the link for it, don't watch this unless you want to see Freddy's lil friend!
Look at his dick here!!! Gross!


This is the fucking hottest news of the fucking week, sluts!

Legends!, the ill-fated James Kirkwood comedy that spawned the infamous backstage tome "Diary of a Mad Playwright," is headed to Broadway. The New York Post reports that former "Dynasty" stars Joan Collins and Linda Evans will take on the roles played on the road by Carol Channing and the late Mary Martin.

Legends! originally played a 23-city tour in the mid-eighties with plans to bring the comedy about two former, feuding movie stars to Broadway. Martin, however, pulled out of the production when her second-act speech about breast cancer was cut. In Kirkwood's "Diary of a Mad Playwright," he writes about the moment Martin gave her notice: "This is a very rare moment in my professional career. Not only is the speech ruined for me, but also the play is ruined for me. I will go on, but I will not play London, and I will not come to New York. I'll fulfill my contract, and then you can get someone else and cut anything you want."

Ben Sprecher will produce the Broadway mounting, which will tryout in 2006 in Toronto. About his decision to produce the piece, Sprecher told the New York daily, "I was looking for a play for Joan [Collins], something she would feel comfortable in. I read the script and thought it was very, very funny. I was prepared for her to think it was too lightweight, but she really enjoyed it."

Collins, who made her Broadway debut in the revival of Noel Coward's Private Lives, will play Sylvia Glenn, the film star modeled on Joan Crawford, while Evans will play the Loretta Youngish Leatrice Monsee. Legends! will mark Evans' Broadway debut.

source: Playbill

Hot Slut of the Day!

JANE MARCH was so fucking hot in The Lover!

Birthday Sluts

Carrot Top (38)
Sean Astin (34)
Tea Leoni (39)
Nancy O'Dell (42)
Sally Jesse Raphael (70)

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Paris Hilton : MORE EMAILS!!

Here's one of Simon Rex telling Paris that she's the best fuck ever!

Here's another one with Simon Rex again telling Paris how much he wants her.

And Another of Rex telling her that he's jacking off to her!

Here's one of Paris sending her boytoy Mark P a shot of her ass!

Here's a gross picture of Mark P with his dogs! ewwww!!!!!


"I will be seeing Jesus soon, sluts!"

Pope John Paul II was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance Thursday suffering from a relapse of the flu, a fever and congestion, the Vatican said, a day after the pontiff made his longest public appearance since being discharged from the clinic two weeks ago.

Bitches you better start praying now!

Luxury Underwater

Anyone sluts willing to dish out $1,500 dollars a night might soon get a chance to come face to face with sharks from the comfort of an undersea hotel room a Florida entrepreneur plans to build in the Bahamas.

"People who are interested in experiencing something they can't find anywhere else in the world will find it a real bargain," says Bruce Jones who heads the 40-million-dollar project.

Jones says his Poseidon resort will be one of a kind, as guests will not need to don scuba gear to reach their luxury suites. The hotel, located off the Bahamian island of Eleuthera at a depth of 15 meters (50 feet), will be connected to the mainland through two tunnels and an escalator, and pressure will be the same as at the surface.

The hotel will have its own restaurant, a bar and 20 large suites with transparent acrylic walls facing coral gardens that can be lit up at night. Guests can expect to see a large variety of tropical fish, tuna and turtles, and with a bit of luck, sharks, from the comfort of their rooms, or even from their private jacuzzis, says Jones. "They will enjoy five-star luxury accommodation, all with stunning views of the underwater world."

The Florida-based entrepreneur says he is currently signing on the last of the investors, most of them institutional, who will put up the 40 million dollars the Bahamas project should cost. Jones, who has spent 17 years designing, refitting and selling submarines, is confident the planned resort will become reality, probably sometime in 2006, even though a number of similar projects have foundered in the past.

Don't Kick the Legs that Guide You!

A blind man has been arrested in Scotland after witnesses reported he sank his teeth into his guide dog and kicked her across the road, police said on Thursday.

David Todd, 34, is expected to face charges of cruelty to animals and breach of the peace. A police spokeswoman said the 8-year old dog had been handed over to a charity dedicated to guide dogs.

Todd is due to appear in court at a later date.

The 3penny Opera

Scott Elliot will help bring Wallace Shawn's version of The Threepenny Opera to Broadway's Studio 54 next season. Performances are expected to begin in the Spring of 2006. Wallace Shawn has translated and adapted the original German book and lyrics of Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill.

Alan Cumming is expected to star as the suave Macheath in the revival. Edie Falco has joined to play the role of the hooker, Jenny. While, newcomer and pop-star Nellie McKay will play the young bride Polly.

It's Pilot Season folks!

Here are the latest casting grumblings:

Species star Natasha Hendstridge has joined William Baldwin on ABC's Pros and Cons. It focuses on a group of con-artists trying to, well Con! TV genius J.J. Abrams will executive produce.

James Van Der Beek is heading into comedy joining the pilot of CBS's Three which focuses on a married couple and their divorced friend.

Jennifer Love Hewitt will star in a currently untitled CBS Drama.

Brooke Sheilds will lead the cast of Fox's New Car Smell about a used car dealership.

Dylan Baker & Aidan Quinn have joined NBC's Book of Daniel. It's being described as a darkly comedic drama about a minister and a father. The father finds himself being led by a hip, modern-day Jesus who helps him navigate through his family's problems.

John Travola going Drag!

Variety is reporting that John Travolta is in deep negotations to star in the big-screen version of the Broadway hit Hairspray as Ednna Turnblad, the role that Harvey Fierstein created onstage and Divine created onscreen. That shit is disgusting. Hairspray is expected to go before the cameras in September.

Debbie Harry: Chin Job?

What the hell is that under Debbie's chin? Did she have some kind of lift? She looks like Cojo!

Christian Slater filing for Divorced!

Another celeb marriage down the fucking tubes!!!

The Paris Hacker Saga: Too Good To Pass Up

So, I said I was done with those whole Paris Hilton thingee. But now it seems that her e-mails were also hacked. And some of the notes are pretty juicy. It involves Lohan, Jessica Simpson and some blow. I hope its real!!! Scroll down to see the juicy tidbits!

Click to see for yourself!

Hot Slut of the Day!


Birthday Sluts

Billy Zane (39)
Kristin Davis (40)
Barry Bostwick (59)
Leslie Caron (72)

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The 3 Stooges

THE D-LIST EXCLUSIVE!!! Pictures of the selected Michael Jackson Jury!

Yes folks! We indeed have pictures of the lucky individuals selected for the trial of the century...well the trial of the month! Don't ask how we got these, but we did!

Click here!

PINK Preggers!

Sources are telling me that pop singer PINK is indeed knocked up! Apparently her baby daddy is motorcross star Carey Hart. She was seen leaving Cedars Hospital in Beverly Hills with a sizable lump. It could be her gut, she is a fat ass.

You need an assignment!

Click here for your next assignment!

The Psychic D-List: American Idol

Tonight on Fox will be the elimination of 4 American Idol lovelies. Now, I did watch both the girls and the boys sing for the judges and us, America. I am making my guess as to the 4 dreams that will be crushed!

(another drum roll please...)

He has a good voice, but he has no charisma and I think America will deem him too old and too creepy.

Because he is the first one up, I think most people will forget about him. I've already forgotten about him!

Even though she's cute, I think the American girls won't like her ass. She's too much of a woman for them!

She's weird, she shakes too much. I think a lot of people were put off by her performance. Her nerves got the best of her and made her look like Whitney hard up for a joint.

Watch American Idol tonight on Fox to see how wrong I was!

The Psychic D-List: Project Runway

Tonight is the finale of Bravo's hit show Project Runway. There are 3 sluts left: Jay, Kara Saun and Wendy Pepper. Although I would love to see the very talented Wendy Pepper take this home, I am making a guess...and my guess is..(drum roll please)...

(I will let you know tomorrow if I was in or out!)

Your Cats can enjoy THE GATES as well!

This shit is funny!


See it to Believe it!

Smelly Posh

The D-List's favorite couple, Posh & Becks have decided to launch their own fragrances. They have signed a multi-million dollar deal with perfume giant Coty for his and hers scents. David's fragrance is expected out this summer, while Victoria's will be out much later. Very soon you too can smell like a wuss and his master!

Star Jones: The Beginning of the End

"My name is Star Jones and I will take over the world!"

It seems that the Powers-That-Be at E! Network are fucking pissed at Star Jones. Ratings for her red carpet specials aren't exactly peachy. They apparently are telling that bitch Star to up the ante or they will have to go their separate ways! Star kisses so much fucking ass it's disgusting! I don't want to see a slug suck ass! I want Joan back! Let's petition for Joan back! We want Joan!!!!!

Give ALEXANDER a rest!

Mega-Producer Dino De Laurentiis has confirmed that Baz Luhrman's planned version of Alexander the Great is still a go. We will shoot the film in one year's time, and it will be the Alexander that everyone has been waiting for," De Laurentiis said. He also confirmed that Leo DiCaprio and Nicky Kidman were still involved. Jesus, Kidman just wants to keep digging her own fucking grave!

Angelina Jolie Strikes Again!

Gina Wendkos (Coyote Ugly) is in negotiations with Jim Carrey & Angelina Jolie to star in a romantic comedy produced by Brian Grazer. Wendkos will write and direct the flick. Not much is known, but it is known that undoubtedly Jolie will cast her vicious love web on Carrey and he will never be the same again!

Hot Slut of the Day!

LADY ELAINE FAIRCHILDE: She fucking knows what she wants!

Birthday Sluts

Dakota Fanning (11)
Kelly MacDonald (29)
Veronica Webb (40)
Peter Fonda (66)

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The Queen to Camilla: FUCK YOU BITCH!

Buckingham Palace has announced that Queen Elizabeth II will not attend the wedding of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles. However, it's not a snub. That's what we're told anyway. The Queen will host the reception and attend the church blessing at Windsor Castle. She won't attend the wedding, because she is saying that the couple would like it to be more "low-key." Yeah right Lizzie, you're snubbing them! They got served!

Homeless is so in this Season!

South Korean homeless people are looking more like models than urchins after the goverment has given away thousands of fake designer garments confiscated by the police. The Korea Customs Service have given out thousands of fake pieces this month with the permission of the fashion houses whose designs had been pirated.

Read full story here.

Wonder Woman!!!!

I read a few days ago, but didn't report it that the Wonder Woman remake seems to be on again. Joss Whedon, who penned Buffy the Vampire Slayer for TV and Joel Silver are teaming together to re-imagine this comic book heroine. Everyone from Sandra Bullouck to Elisha Cuthbert have been rumored to don the blue cape. But now it seems that Whedon has his eyes on Kim Basinger and Jessica Biel. Whedon is planning a new approach and may use an older Wonder Woman, in that case Kim Basinger would be cast and if he wanted to use a younger one then Biel would be her girl. This again could all just be blah blah and nothing could happen as usual!

Sienna Miller headed for the stage?

One of My Top 10 Sluts of the year, Sienna Miller is currently being eyed to star in a production of As You Like It on the London stage. Miller does have some stage cred, but is on the verge of being the next best thing in the world of Cinema. She is set to star in Casanova this year opposite Heath Ledger. As You Like It is going to be directed by David Lan and planning for a spring run!

Remaking Fatal Attraction?

Reports are circulating that there is a planned remake of the 1987 hit Fatal Attraction. Currently there is an Off-Broadway play starring Corey Feldman in the works. But this would be a full-fledged movie. Buzz is that Nip/Tuck starlet Kelly Carlson (shown above) is already in takes to take the role that Glenn Close so perfectly manufactured. This sounds gross.

Affleck to be Superman (Not What You Think)

Even though Ben Affleck's career is in turmoil right now, he is heading the Indie way. He has signed on to co-star in Truth, Justice and the American Way. He will play George Reeves who was best known for playing Superman on TV in the 50s. The flick follows a detective (to be played by Adrien Brody) who is trying to solve Reeves mysterious death in 1959. Diane Lane is also starring.


I will not talk about that stupid Paris Hilton Sidekick fiasco! It is dead to me!

Constantine from American Idol!!!

EWWWWW, so fucking gross!

Hot Slut of the Day!

TELMA HOPKINS! Or better known as Dr. Addy Wilson!

Birthday Sluts

Kyle McLachlan (46)
Drew Barrymore (30)
Lea Salonga (35)
Jeri Ryan (37)
Rachel Dratch (39)
Marni Nixon (75)

Monday, February 21, 2005

Hot Slut of the Day!

Tia Carrere!

Birthday Sluts

Christopher Atkins (44)
Charlotte Church (19)
Brendan Sexton III (25)
Jennifer Love Hewitt (26)
Kelsey Grammer (50)
Tyne Daly (59)
Alan Rickman (59)
David Geffen (62)
Rue McClanahan (71)

Sunday, February 20, 2005


Gidget lives on within us forever!

Hot Slut of the Week: LESLIE EASTERBROOK

After much consideration, we have decided to name Leslie Easterbrook as our Hot Slut of the Week. For me, Leslie Easterbrook will always be Rhonda from Laverne & Shirley. The glamorous next-door neighbor the girls encountered when they moved to Hollywood. However, she is also best known to audiences as Sgt. Debbie Callahan in the Police Academy movies. Leslie is still acting and can be seen in this year's The Devil's Rejects. When you happen to be in Nottingham, England don't forget to visit the Leslie Eastbrook Auditorium!

IMDB Biography

Michael K on MySpace

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